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Summit Brewing Co. Announces 120 Shilling Export Scotch Ale

Limited Beer Marks Seventh Installment of Summit Union Series Inspired by the union of modern and experimental ingredients with time-honored brewing traditions and authentic 19th-century recipes, Summit Brewing Co. Head Brewer Damian McConn established our Union Series in 2013 to celebrate both history and innovation in brewing. To that end, he’s crafted six distinctly traditional […]


YOU GUYS HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR THE WRONG BEER FOR MONTHS. HERE ARE THE TOP TEN WAYS WE’VE HEARD YOU MISPRONOUNCE SUMMIT SKIP ROCK. 10) Slip Dock – Be careful getting into the boat, especially if you’ve had a few. 9) Ship Rock – A popular musical genre more commonly known as yacht rock. 8) Slip Rock – Ouch, broken […]

Summit High Sticke Alt Returns, Only Inside the Penalty Box

After an all-star debut in 2017, League MVP Summit High Sticke Alt has agreed to terms for the 2018 season with Summit Brewing Co. Howdy, Beer Lovers. Y’all remember Summit High Sticke Alt? Let us jog your memory: Released in October 2017 on draft and inside the Penalty Box variety pack, our High Sticke was […]

Summit Winter Ale Returns, and So Does the Penalty Box Variety Pack

Brewery Would Like to Apologize for Ticking People Off We Made a Mistake. Summit Winter Ale Isn’t Going Anywhere. OK, first thing’s first: Summit Winter Ale is coming back. Last November we announced plans to retire the beer, but you folks weren’t having any of that. After listening to your angry phone calls, reading and […]


Here at Summit Brewing Company, we pride ourselves on making consistent, high-quality, well-executed and traditional British-style Ales, German-style Lagers, and the occasional Belgian-style Wit. We like to experiment and break outside of those parameters from time to time, of course, but our bread and butter is making approachable and flavorful beers for thirsty beer drinkers […]

What’s With the Hürnerbraü Ansbach Sign at the Summit Ratskeller?

Some History The Hürner Brewery of Ansbach, Germany, was a family-run brewery that made traditional German beers for 200 years before it ran out of family and closed up in the early 1990s. Their medallion, along with their all-copper, authentic German brew house, came here to Minnesota in the early 1990s after our Founder and […]

Summit Dark Infusion Set to Launch in Early October

Our Smoothest, Boldest Brew is Back by Universal Demand THE STORY From St. Paul to South Dakota, from Des Moines to distant stars — for nearly two years we’ve received transmissions from across the galaxy. << PLEASE MAKE MORE DARK INFUSION – OVER >> Well, Folks, we heard you screaming: More Summit Dark Infusion is […]

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