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About Summit

Way back in 1986, before craft brewing was even cool, Summit Brewing Company Founder and President Mark Stutrud set out in St. Paul, Minnesota, to make craft beers inspired by old-world brewing traditions and ingredients. More than 30 years have passed since he first brewed our flagship Summit Extra Pale Ale, and it’s safe to say he freaking nailed it.

Today, Summit continues to infuse traditional recipes with modern ingredients from around the world, crafting high-quality and consistent craft beer out of respect for the hardworking folks who enjoy our beer.

And because we’re independently owned and operated, we get to make craft beer our way. That means relying on natural carbonation, protecting the foam, and celebrating the true dance between malts, hops, water, and yeast. It means protecting the environment, supporting the community and the arts, being kind to animals, and always having one more beer with our friends and family even if we’re already late for rotary club. It means drinking our beer fresh and cold, because warm storage turns good beer to shit. And it means never settling for “good enough,” always pulling the goalie when we’ve got a chance to win, swinging for the fences, and never, ever forgetting where we come from. Grain country represent.

Our Brewing Process

Interested in learning more about Summit Brewing Company’s brewing process? Press this clicky link here to read all about malt bills, hop boils, fermentation, and filtering. You already know plenty about drinking.

Green Beer

Because you can’t make quality, consistent beer without the best ingredients — select grains, fresh hops, and clean water — we strive to minimize our impact on the environment. Learn more about what makes Summit beer green.

The Best Employees in Beer

From the brewhouse and the bottling line, to the sales team and seriously fussy folks in inventory control, Summit Brewing is filled top to bottom with quality, hardworking folks who love beer. And they’re fun to drink with, to boot.

The Summit Ratskeller & Patio

Located near the bluffs along the Mississippi River in St. Paul, Minnesota, visit the Summit Ratskeller to taste our newest recipes and freshest pours. Kick back on our pet-friendly patio, tour the brewery, and visit our Gift Shop while you’re at it. We have the neatest stuff.

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