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Contract Brewing

With nearly forty years of experience, the crew at Summit Brewing has a wealth of experience that can’t be matched in the Midwest. Located just off Interstate 35E, perched atop the Mississippi river bluff in Saint Paul, MN, Summit is uniquely positioned to serve not just our great state of Minnesota, but the Midwest and beyond.

Drawing on our deep expertise and experience, Summit has produced award winning brews, seltzers and now THC beverages. Our capabilities start with a four vessel 170 bbl brewhouse, before moving into an expansive cellar of fermentation vessels and brite tanks. We finish either through bottling, canning (with optional pasteurization) or racking with automated palletization.

Summit is no stranger to the world of contract or co-pack services, having serviced multiple customers for nearly twenty years. We do, however, work best with larger customers looking for batch sizes beginning at 100 bbls with multiple runs per year. Our capacity tops out at 250,000 bbls per year, with volume available.

Dig deep into our details below, but if you’re interested in working with an award winning brewery with the best staff in the region, reach out to [email protected]


4 vessel copper, fully automated 170 bbl brewhouse
440 bbl & 880 bbl fermentation vessels
ASME pressure rated for natural carbonation

Automated hop dosing
MDS Membrane Deaeration System
Carbonation Control System for pinpoint carbonation
Centrifuge and polish filter
180 bbl and 330 bbl brite tanks


On-site Quality laboratory and team with over 45 years of experience
Analysis Technician, Microbiologist, full sensory panel, dedicated packaging laboratory

Anton Paar benchtop Densitometer and Alkolyzer
Benchtop pH meter, spectrophotometer and haze control meter

In-line dissolved oxygen monitoring

Cold storage of all finished goods


High speed KHS 40 valve volumetric can filler w/Angelus 5 head seamer

  • 12oz Standard 202 cans @ 400 cans per minute
  • 16oz Standard 202 cans @ 335 cans per minute

Douglas Spectrum Multipacker – chipboard wraps

Possible configurations: 4pks, 6pks, 8pks, 12pks, 15pks and 24pks
Variety Pack capabilities

  • 4 varieties x 3 cans = 12
  • 3 varieties x 2 cans = 6
  • 2 varieties x 2 cans = 4
  • 3 varieties x 8 cans = 24

KHS Tray Packer
Mettler-Toledo Checkweigher
Sentry Case Palletizer (New in 2022)
40” x 48” GMA & CHEP Pallet
Landtech Auto Wrapper


Available with cans only

Krones Linaflex tunnel pasteurizer
Real-time PU control with optimal operating safety and low energy consumption

Inline from can filler:

  • 12oz can @24000 cans/hr, PU setpoints of 15PU or 40PU, 202 Diam Super End
  • 16oz can @21300 cans/hr, PU setpoints of 15PU or 40PU, 202 Diam Super End
  • Can be programmed for additional configurations


1/6, 1/4, 1/2 keg fill capability at ~60 fills per minute


Leverage our existing supplier network and we can source any raw material or packaging material, or you can provide your own

Onsite warehousing

Four dock doors with 5 days a week service

Shipment and Fulfillment team can coordinate delivery with distributors and load all outbound orders

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