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21 Ways to Enjoy Summit Beer in 2021

Finally, 2021 has arrived! After a long and grueling 2020, we can turn the page to the New Year. What better way to welcome in the fresh start, and say goodbye to the past, than by raising a glass of your favorite Summit beer! Since we know many of you have been enjoying a brew […]

At Summit Brewing Co. It’s Always National Lager Day

It’s no secret that Summit Brewing Co. loves lagers. With an authentic all-copper German brewhouse and a passion for tradition, how can we not? Just look at our line-up: two-year round pilsners – Dakota Soul Craft Lager and Keller Pils – and an incredibly popular fall seasonal – Oktoberfest. Plus, ask almost any brewer on […]

Save Some Calories on Thanksgiving by Drinking Triumphant IPA

Though it may not feel like it, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It’s the time of year where we gather to recount all the things we’re grateful for, like beer! While this year’s holiday may not look the same, we’re certain there will still be celebration, beer (at least at our house) and over-eating! […]

From the Archives: Summit Brewing Co. Bottling Line Circa 2011

Ever wondered how Summit Brewing Co. gets our great beer into bottles and out to you? Well, wonder no more! While we know many of you have taken our tour over the years, during which we share a glimpse at the bottling process, not all of you have. Plus, a refresher can’t hurt right? So, […]

Summit Keller Pils Pour Shot & 12pk Can Carton

Tasting Summit Keller Pils Like a Craft Brewer

As craft beer fans, we know you appreciate flavor. You pride yourselves in blindly being able to decipher a wheat ale from a Saison, pick out specific hop varietals in your IPAs and guess a secret ingredient like tea, maple syrup or coffee with just your nose. As Summit fans, we know you appreciate detail. […]

Summit Winter Ale

Make Summit Winter Ale Part of Your Winter Survival Kit

As Game of Thrones continually warned us, winter is coming. And, while we’d prefer to defer to the astronomical seasons (Google it), true Minnesotans know that any time after October 1 snow may strike. Thus, true Minnesotans also know it’s important to always be prepared. Especially in the year 2020! So, we at Summit Brewing […]

Dark Infusion Coffee Milk Stout and Great Northern Porter Cans & Pour Shot

The Porter and The Stout: What’s the Difference?

As craft beer drinkers we know, the styles available for our consumption are endless. While there can be great variation between them, some beers seem eerily similar. So much so, that you may just wonder why they aren’t the same. Well folks, sounds like it’s time for another edition of “What’s the Difference?” This summer, […]

Great Northern Porter 12-and-6packs

Great Northern Porter Is Rolling Into Town In Its Own Packaging

*to the tune of “Love Train” by The O’Jays People all over the Midwest, Join hands. Great Northern Porters back, in cans. People all over the Midwest Join hands. Great Northern Porters back, in cans. The first stop that it made was in the House Party Variety pack. But we knew folks would want it […]

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