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It’s International Beer Day, You Guys. Here’s a Story About Summit Beer.

August 3, 2018 — Happy International Beer Day, everyone! It’s a real thing! Established in 2008 and celebrated the first Friday in August in over 200 cities globally, International Beer Day “is a day for beer lovers everywhere to raise a toast to our brewers and bartenders and rejoice in the greatness of beer!” Beer lovers? […]


IT’S TIME TO GET CRANKY, FRIENDS First off, let’s state the obvious: Summit Cranky Woodsman is not a person. It’s a beer. If it were a person, however, he’d probably look a little like a cross between Ron Swanson and Hugh Jackman as Logan. And you can bet he’d be thirsty for a dang beer. INGREDIENTS Brewed […]

Fun Things To Do On A Sunday

DISCLAIMER: ALL OF OUR SUGGESTIONS WILL INVOLVE DRINKING SUMMIT BEER There’s nothing worse than a wasted weekend, especially during these precious summer months in Grain Country when it’s possible to spend time outside without suffering frostbite. With that in mind, we’ve assembled a list of ways to while away your waking hours this weekend: Visit and […]

Summit Brewing Co. Announces Bonfire Box Variety Pack

Featuring Summit Extra Pale Ale, Keller Pils, Oktoberfest and a Harbinger of Seasonal Weather Changes. There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who can’t wait for pumpkin-spiced latte season to arrive, and those who are negative about everything. Fortunately, we have something here that should please everyone. For the people who love […]

The Top 10 Ways to Mispronounce Summit Lazy Sipper

  Hello, we’re Summit Brewing Co. You might remember us from such beers as Sága IPA, Keller Pils and Extra Pale Ale. This summer, we’ve introduced a new Blonde Ale made with all Minnesota ingredients — Summit Lazy Sipper. (Well, technically we introduced it last year at the Minnesota State Fair, but it was only available […]

Summit Brewing Co. Teams Up With United Heroes League

Hi Everybody. We’re Summit Brewing Co. You might remember us from such beers as Extra Pale Ale, Sága IPA, or Oatmeal Stout. This past January, in the year 2018, we debuted a new Czech-Style Pilsener called Dakota Soul — named after the home state of our Founder, President and Chief Knucklehead Mark Stutrud. It tastes a […]

Summit Brewing Co. Announces Grand Reopening of the Summit Ratskeller

We’ve Remodeled and Rebranded Our Former “Beer Hall” Nine months after breaking ground on a renovation of our former “Beer Hall,” Summit Brewing Co. is delighted as heck to announce the Grand Reopening of our public space — now with new furniture, new hours, a new doorway, and a new name. The Summit Ratskeller, our tribute to the […]

Summit Brewing Co and Dark Horse

Summit Brewing Co. Presents: Dueling Barrels With Dark Horse Bar & Eatery

Psssst. Hey. What are you doing Wednesday, June 27? Wanna join us at Dark Horse Bar & Eatery for two super-fresh and super-rare barrel-aged Summit beers? DUELING BARRELS AT DARK HORSE Every once in a while we get a bee in our bonnet and feel like drinkin’ a big, barrel-aged Summit beer over at Dark Horse. Truth be told, we feel […]

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