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A Special St. Pats Weekend Calls for a Special Stout

As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, we at Summit Brewing are excited to celebrate and begin celebrating this iconic holiday. And, of course, no St. Patrick’s Day is complete without mentioning the Stout beer style, particularly the Irish dry stout, which originated in Ireland in the 1700s. Stouts are known for their dark color and full-bodied flavor, which comes from roasted malts. These malts add a distinct chocolate or coffee flavor to the beer, which is a hallmark of the stout style. Stouts can also be brewed with several ingredients, such as chocolate, lactose, oak chips, bourbon, vanilla, and coffee.

At Summit, we’ve crafted a variety of stouts, but none are as distinctive as our Summit Oatmeal Stout. This signature brew, a mainstay of our collection, is uniquely brewed with oats. This particular ingredient lends it a velvety, smooth texture that perfectly complements its robust flavor. While you might spot this beer in cans, we believe the ultimate way to savor it is by indulging in our Oatmeal Stout Nitro on draft at your local pub or, even better, right here in our Summit Ratskeller.  

Now, special days call for special beer, so we’ve stashed some of our Oatmeal Stout in some Keeper’s Heart barrels. We’ve been patiently waiting for the right moment to tap our barrel-aged oatmeal stout, and St. Patrick’s Day weekend was the obvious choice. 

Whether you’re savoring a pint of our classic Oatmeal stout (on nitro, of course), raising a glass with friends and family of our Irish-style dark NA at a local pub or home, or enjoying a glass of our barrel-aged Oatmeal Stout after the St. Pats parade in the Ratskeller, we’re eagerly looking forward to celebrating this weekend with you. 


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