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A New, Yet Familiar, Addition to the Ratskeller Line up: Summit ESB

It’s officially the first day of Spring! And you know what that means—yup, you guessed it—snow! Did any of us really expect to make it through winter without any snow? We must admit we were nearly convinced we would have no snow when it was roughly 65-70 degrees during that two-week span in late February and early March. But we came to our senses and remembered this is Minnesota; we still had a second and maybe even a third winter to come. With that in mind, let’s have a moment of silence for those who thought we were really done with winter weather. Now, for you warm weather hopefuls out there, we feel you might be upset about the weather; we get it. So we’ve got something that we know will have you grab that prematurely packed winter coat and boots so you can head over to the Ratskeller. A brand new (kind of) Ratskeller Exclusive. Our Summit Extra Special Bitter!

This Extra Special Bitter was inspired by the classic Summit ESB. It’s brewed using Chevallier Heritage Malt, and Noble hops from Europe to provide an authentic taste. With a bold and balanced flavor profile, this beer offers a perfect blend of malt sweetness and hop bitterness.

What is an Extra Special Bitter? An Extra Special Bitter, or ESB, is a beer style that originated in England. It evolved from the classic English bitter, which is a low-alcohol beer with a mild hop bitterness. ESB, on the other hand, is a stronger, full-bodied beer with a more pronounced hop character. The style became popular in the mid-twentieth century and has since become a staple of British brewing. ESB is often associated with the cask ale tradition, where it is served at cellar temperature and allowed to naturally carbonate. While the style has evolved over time, it remains a beloved and quintessential example of English ale.

Now, remember exclusive beers don’t last long; hurry down to the Summit Ratskeller this weekend and enjoy a pint or two before we’re all out!

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