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Introducing Our Latest Ratskeller Exclusive – Awww Nutz

It’s been a very mild winter around here, hasn’t it, Minnesota? There’s no snow to be seen, and it feels like fall, minus the leaves, of course. So we got to thinking about what a good beer to brew would be perfect for this warm winter, and Paul, one of our many talented brewers, said, a Northern English brown ale, and we said, sure, why not?

Brown ales are a classic style of beer that originated in England and has gained popularity worldwide. This type of beer is known for its dark brown color and malty flavor profile, with a balance of sweetness and bitterness. Brown ales come in different variations, ranging from light and refreshing to full-bodied and complex, making them a versatile option for any beer enthusiast. So Paul went to work and came up with Awww Nutz!

We know you might have questions about the name and why we went with a brown ale. So we sat down with Paul over a pint of Awww Nutz and asked why. “Brown ales are probably one of my favorite styles,” he said. “It’s a beer that a lot of homebrewers brew first when they get their homebrewing kit, and I just felt like, why not take a shot at it on our pilot system.” He also mentioned it fits in well with the mild winter we’re having with its aromas of toffee, rye bread, & brown sugar that’s complimented with a slightly nutty & dry finish. “No need to blow your face off with lots of hops, too,” our other brewer, Matt, passionately interjected while we sampled it, and you know what? He’s not wrong.

You can find Awww Nutz! Brown Ale exclusively in our Summit Ratskeller for a limited time

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