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Dry January with Summit Brewing Co.

It’s hard to believe that we are only a week away from completing Dry January challenge. It’s been a month of discipline, self-control, and commitment to better health, and those who have participated in the challenge should be proud of themselves. And for those who cracked, points for trying. No alcohol for a whole month is no easy feat, especially if you’re trying to socialize and go out throughout the month. But, as the end draws near, the few here at Summit Brewing who made it this far reflect on the benefits they have experienced.

Now, if you’ve followed our Dry January coverage, you would’ve read about Paul, one of our brewers here, taking on Dry January. Unfortunately, Paul fell off the wagon for one day… or is it on the wagon? I guess it doesn’t matter, seeing as I’m still out $20 in the office pool. Now, even though it was just one day and Paul is back on track, we felt like we got to cover someone who’s still going strong. So, meet Steve. He’s our Packaging Manager here at Summit, and we decided to check in on his Dry January journey.

Q: So Steve, are you finding Dry January difficult?
Steve: Not at all. It’s pretty easy, honestly.

Q: Are you feeling any benefits yet? Clearer skin? Sleeping better?
Steve: I haven’t really felt all of the health benefits, like clearer skin and all that. Waking up has been a lot easier, though, especially with my kids on Saturdays and not having like four beers in my system.

Q: Have you turned to beverages like our Nialas NA beers yet? If so, what kind of setting do you typically enjoy one in?
Steve: Oh yeah, I’ve been drinking them during some social settings. The IPA is my jam.

So, in conclusion, and in true “science-like” fashion, we’re seeing data for more sleep benefits than other health benefits listed when taking a break from alcohol. And by “data,” we mean some casual taproom convos, obviously. Maybe we can convince someone around the brewery to continue abstaining from alcohol for, like, the year or something. You know, in the name of science or whatever. But I doubt it cause, I mean, beer is good, especially ours.

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