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BELOVED BRAND GETTING A NEW LOOK AND ADDITIONAL BREW Summit Brewing Co. Builds On Its Second Most Popular Brand With Updated Packaging And The Start of a New Brew Series After a decade of success, Summit Brewing is changing up the iconic Sága brand with a fresh new look. Starting early April, the legacy beer […]

Summit Brewing is Taking the Next Step in Alcoholic Beverages!

Summit Brewing has long been a pioneer in the craft beer world, from creating our iconic EPA to introducing an NA beer that tastes like beer with our Nialas line. As we look forward to 2023 and beyond, we’ve set our sights on the next challenge for Summit Brewing Company. Ready to Drink Cocktails For […]

Come Work at the Greatest Place to Work!

What’s that really cheesy quote Confucius once said? “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Listen, we’ve all heard the quote, gone to work, hated it, became a tad miserable, then repeated it all the next day. Now I know you’re skeptical, but what if […]

February 16 is now Beer Day in Minnesota!

Have you heard the news Minnesotans? February 16th will now be known as Beer Day in Minnesota! This Week Governor Tim Walz recognized Minnesota’s incredible craft beer industry. In the official proclamation, he says: “Minnesota is home to over 200 craft breweries across the state, supplying jobs, and economic growth to the state; and The […]

Horizon Red Is Back!

No, your eyes do not deceive you. Horizon Red is back for a limited time!  Originally released in 2009, Horizon Red IPA was a Summit staple that was meant to end in 2017. We decided to bring it back for a limited time when we celebrated our 35th anniversary and made it available in our IPA packs at […]

Getting through Dry January with Summit

It’s no exaggeration that beer is quite awesome. It tastes good, it’s refreshing, it goes with almost anything, and the list goes on and on. Now while beer is amazing, taking a break from it can have some huge benefits health-wise. According to some studies taking part in Dry January can lead to better sleep, more energy, […]

Feel Triumphant after Week One of the New Year

And just like that, 2022 is over. Looking back at the last year, we all had some great times. We shoveled a lot of snow, watched a lot of Twins baseball, ate nearly everything at the State Fair, shoveled more snow, and enjoyed plenty of great-tasting beer along the way. However, it’s that time of […]

Here’s to 89 years since Prohibition Ended

Hey Twin Cities, did you know today happens to be Repeal Day? While we celebrate our own Repeal Day on April 7th of every year to mark the day beer sales and consumption became legal, Dec. 5th marks the day the 21st amendment was passed and the official end of prohibition in the U.S. Way back […]

Holiday Pairings with Our Fireside Favs & Nialas Irish-Style Dark

The Holidays are here, and while your entire family has decided to bring a dish, you decided to scheme your way out of cooking by bringing the drinks (both with and without alcohol.) Sounds easy enough right? Wrong. There are a ton of choices out there and you don’t want to be that person that sets […]

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