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Dakota Soul Craft Lager 12pk, 12oz can and pour shot on patio

What’s In A Name: Summit Dakota Soul Craft Lager

Ever looked through a beer menu and wondered, “How did they come up with these names?” Well, we’ve got an answer for you! We’ve already looked at how Summit Slugfest Juicy IPA and Summit Cabin Crusher Kölsch-Style Ale with Lime received their titles. Now, we’re exploring Summit Dakota Soul Craft Lager. One of the many […]

Picking Apart the Hop: Huell Melon

When it comes to the ingredients that make up beer – water, malt, yeast and hops – each play their own role. “Water is beer’s foundation,” Summit Brewing Company’s President and Founder Mark Stutrud said. “And hops are like the spice.” Just like spices hops can have a very strong or very subtle impact on […]

Mean Tweets – Summit Brewing Co. Edition Volume 2

Part of the plight of being a public-facing product is, well, facing the public. While we are fortunate to have lots of adoring fans, we also have some not-so-happy customers. And these folks always make sure to let us know just how unhappy they are. Once again, Chief Brewing Officer Damian McConn takes a moment […]

Summit Oatmeal Stout 12oz bottles along line

Summit Oatmeal Stout in Bottles Now Available in 6-Packs

This year has been a big one for Summit Brewing Company. Not only did we celebrate 35 years in business, but we also released our beloved Summit Oatmeal Stout in bottles! Nearly nine months ago, Oatmeal Stout was finally released in 12-packs of 12-ounce bottles after only being available on nitro draught for 17 years. […]

Winter Is Coming…and So Is Summit Winter Ale

After nearly two years of constant upheaval within the brewing world, it’s hard to keep track of where 2020 ended and 2021 began. Now, just as we’re beginning to get our feet underneath us (such as with the reopening of our Ratskeller) 2021 is ending! Fortunately, not everything was turned upside down in 2021. More […]

Halloween Candy

7 Summit Beer and Candy Pairings to Enjoy this Halloween

When thinking of a dessert beverage beer may not immediately come to mind. But, it can often be a great pairing with a sweet treat! As spooky season is upon us and candy is in abundance, why not try your next brew with something sugary? To help you know which piece of candy to grab […]

Summit Raises a Toast to 35 Years Gone, and 35 Years to Come

Summit Brewing Company celebrates 35 years with awesome outdoor party. On Saturday, Oct. 16 Summit Brewing Company held a party to celebrate our 35th birthday! This momentous year was marked with great music provided by four bands organized through our partners at the Minnesota Music Coalition, delicious food from local restaurant partners and, of course, […]

Altered 12oz Summit True Brit IPA Can on Training Bar

Supply Chain Issues Trickle Down into Summit True Brit IPA Can Appearance

If you’re planning to pick up a Summit Mixed Pack Best Of Edition anytime soon, you may notice the Summit True Brit IPA cans looking a little different. Rest assured, the beer inside is as good as ever! The only thing that’s slightly changed is the artwork on the outside. For that we can thank, […]

Tasting Summit Triumphant Session IPA Like a Craft Brewer

As the number of beers available to drinkers across the globe expands exponentially, so too do the flavors we’re told we can experience from these beverages. As craft beer fans, we know you appreciate learning all the subtle and nuanced notes your beer can provide. As Summit beer fans, we know you want to learn […]

Summit Brewing Co. Anniversary Invite

Summit 35th Anniversary Party FAQ

Summit’s 35th Anniversary Party is coming up soon! On Saturday, Oct. 16 we’re inviting all our friends, family, neighbors and more to join us at our brewery for our birthday party! From 1 – 7 p.m. guests are invited to come and hang out on our block as we enjoy music, food and, of course, […]

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