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Come Work at the Greatest Place to Work!

What’s that really cheesy quote Confucius once said? “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Listen, we’ve all heard the quote, gone to work, hated it, became a tad miserable, then repeated it all the next day. Now I know you’re skeptical, but what if I told you there’s a place to work that actually lived up to that quote. Well, at least it lives up to it in the eyes of beer fans… That’s right, Summit Brewing Company is hiring! We’re looking for a few positions to help us keep that great-tasting beer flowing.

The first position we’re looking for is a Brewer who’s talented, passionate, and eager to join our outstanding brew crew! This person will help assure quality in all brewery operations, from the brewhouse to the cellar to filtration and more!

We’re also looking for an experienced Maintenance Mechanic to help keep our brewery in top shape, so we can continue to pump out great-tasting beer.

Lastly, we need a fun, energetic, and personable hospitality assistant passionate about learning and talking about beer. In this position, they will represent Summit while they serve and educate guests and customers and support and serve community-based events, industry groups, and internal functions in Summit’s on-site spaces.

So by now, you’ve read up on all the positions, and you may be asking, “Well, how will I know if I’m going to love working here?” At Summit, we’ve got some great benefits, great beer, and a fun work environment and culture. Did we mention the beer? This adds up to an amazing workplace that accidentally became the work equivalent of Cheers. A place everyone knows your name, and we’re glad you came because… we have beer to make and beer to drink.

If you’re ready to apply for one of these awesome positions, click the link below or share this with someone you feel is perfect!

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