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Horizon Red Is Back!

No, your eyes do not deceive you. Horizon Red is back for a limited time! 
Originally released in 2009, Horizon Red IPA was a Summit staple that was meant to end in 2017. We decided to bring it back for a limited time when we celebrated our 35th anniversary and made it available in our IPA packs at the beginning of the year. Since then it’s become a highly coveted brew with fans of it demanding to have it back in its own packaging so they can enjoy 12 cans of of Horizon Red back to back to back like its 2011 again. So we said what the heck let’s give the people what they want, a whole lot of Horizon Red to help them get through the last couple months of winter.


Our Chief Brewer Damian McConn breaks down the flavors found in this beer and gives some insight into why it has such a following.

Before diving into some of the ingredients and how they impact the beer’s flavor, can you give insight into what a traditional amber ale tastes like?

American-style amber ales typically have pronounced flavors of toffee, caramel, graham cracker, and English biscuits. Hop bitterness tends to play a supporting role, primarily to provide a slight bitterness and drinkability.

How are elements of the Amber Ale style found in this beer? Is there a particular malt that gives it those flavors

We use a specific low-color crystal malt from Germany to provide a backbone of toffee and caramel in Horizon Red IPA. There’s also a touch of darker black malt to provide a deeper red hue to the beer’s appearance, and a slight hint of roast in the finish.

What flavor aspects of the beer fall into the amber style? What flavor aspects fall into the IPA style?

The malt profile is definitely reminiscent of a traditional American amber ale, with notes of biscuit and toffee to the fore. Using this significant malt foundation as a backbone, we’ve layered a significant hop presence typical of an American-style IPA, with a distinct bitterness and pronounced citrus flavors present in the final beer.

Is this particular hop blend found in many other IPAs?

Due to its lower yields and variable disease resistance, Horizon has largely fallen out of favor these days with growers and brewers. Its inclusion in a hop blend is probably fairly rare these days.

What does the Horizon hop add to the brew? The mosaic? Does the flavor profile of these hops change when they are brewed together?

Horizon has a very low co-humulone level and provides an excellent, clean bitterness. Its floral aromas and tangy citrus notes play well with the fruity pebbles and tropical notes of Mosaic.

Be sure to check out our beer finder to help you locate some Horizon Red at your nearest retailer!

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