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Target Field Pairings with Summit Brewing

If you’re heading to Target Field and wondering which food and beer pairings are the best, we’ve got you covered! We know how overwhelming it can be to choose from all available options, so don’t worry; we’re here to help. Specifically, we’re going to focus on which foods go best with our favorite Summit beers. Whether you’re a die-hard Twins fan or just looking for a fun day out, this guide will ensure you have a great time. Let’s dive in!

Batting first is our very own Saga Hazy IPA! Saga Hazy is the perfect beer to pair with the Twins helmet nachos at Target Field. The juicy and tropical flavors of the IPA are a great complement to the savory and cheesy nachos. As you take a sip of the beer, the hoppy bitterness cuts through the richness of the nachos, creating a perfectly balanced combination. Whether you’re watching the game or just looking for a tasty snack and drink, the Saga Hazy IPA and Twins helmet nachos are a winning combination.

On deck, we’ve got our classic Extra Pale Ale paired with some cheeseburger sliders from Red Cow that also come with some EPA-infused beer mustard. The EPA’s hoppy bitterness goes so well with the juicy beef patty; the citrus notes balance the cheesy goodness. Plus, the beer mustard is made with Summit’s own EPA and adds a tangy and slightly sweet kick to the whole thing. It’s seriously a match made in heaven.


Finally, whether you’re a fan of classic hot dogs or prefer a vegan option like the Herbivorous Butcher’s Brats, the Twins Pils is the perfect beer to pair with your meal. I mean, how can you not grab a baseball staple like a hotdog or go to a Twin’s game and not get a Twin’s Pils? With its crisp and refreshing taste, this beer complements the savory flavors of both meat and plant-based sausages. The light and balanced profile of the Twins Pils won’t overpower the flavors of your food, making it an ideal choice for a ballgame!

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