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Dry January with a Summit Brewing Brewer

Dry January has become a popular challenge for many people who want to detox their bodies and start the year off on a healthier note. By abstaining from alcohol for the entire month of January, participants can experience a range of health benefits, such as improved sleep, increased energy levels, weight loss, and better mental clarity. Additionally, Dry January can help reduce the risk of developing certain health problems, such as liver disease and high blood pressure. With that being said, I believe you’d think the last place someone doing dry January would be right here at Summit Brewing Company. Amazingly, we have a few, and we will keep tabs on their Dry January progress for research, development, support, and, most importantly, content.

Meet Paul, he’s a brewer here. Paul loves beer, so when he told us he was doing dry January, a few things happened. Some laughed cause we thought it was a joke, and some decided to join Paul cause why not? And some started an office pool on how long Paul would last. Quite frankly we, we’re shocked to hear people wagering on Paul’s Dry January journey. Well, we’re a week in, and Paul is doing great.

Q: Paul, How’s it going?
Paul: Surprisingly easy, despite working every day at a brewery.

Q: Are you feeling any benefits yet?
Paul: Oh yeah, I have. I’ve been waking up more energized, and I’ve been able to wake up faster, if that makes sense.

Q: Have you turned to beverages like our Nialas NA beers yet?
Paul: No, not quite yet. I do have some at home, but they’re more of a social device for me as I go through the month. I also feel like not substituting Nialas for a regular beer has made it easier than if I supplemented the beer I’m missing out on with Nialas, you know.

So there you have it. Paul’s doing great while being over a week in and reaping some of those benefits we talked about. We’ll check in with Paul next week to see if things are still going as smoothly as before. And if you had one week down in the pool, please leave the money on my desk (you know who you are.)

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