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Dark Infusion Makes Contact for One Night Only

First introduced in 2016, this beloved brew has had sightings here and there in the past, like a comet or a UFO. Thankfully, unlike Halley’s comet, which is only visible from Earth every 75–79 years, one of our smoothest, boldest brews is making another pass by our planet just in time for the Winter Solstice.

While it’s only been a few years, this beer will still have all those familiar sweet, roasted notes from the six specialty malts used to brew this long-time favorite. Dark Infusion features kettle additions of lactose for additional sweetness and body. Balanced by Pilgrim and Fuggle hops from the U.K., Dark Infusion is made even more complex and bold with the infusion of smooth, cold-brewed coffee. Complemented by coffee, provided by our friends over at Bizzy Cold Brew, rather than overpowered, traces of caramel, graham cracker, and dark chocolate round out this highly anticipated and limited beer.

A beer this special won’t last long, though, as it’s expected to only land in our Ratskeller for the Winter Solstice. After what, who knows when it’ll be back? So don’t miss your chance to enjoy a few before it’s gone!

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