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Summit Beer on Patio

Spend Memorial Day with Summit Brewing!

Though we say it every year, it’s hard to believe Memorial Day is already here! After a long winter, the unofficial start of summer is much needed. With the weather finally turning warmer, and the sun making a few appearances, there are plenty of opportunities to get outside and enjoy all the season has to […]

Come Pet a Puppy at Summit Brewing!

What’s the best thing to pair with a pint on the weekend? Why, a puppy of course! As a proud supporter of Secondhand Hounds, Summit Brewing Co. is hosting a special puppy party this weekend. On Saturday, May 21 from 4 – 5:30 p.m. at least three 8-week old puppies from the same litter will be […]

Extra Pale Ale and Saga IPA on Dock

Celebrate Spring with Summit Beer

Spring has FINALLY sprung in the Midwest! After what feels like months of cloudy skies and cool weather, the sun is out and the grass is green. Temperatures are set to get above 70º for the first time this year, also! And we know that means one thing: time to grab a Summit beer and […]

Start Summer Early with Summit Mixed Pack Dockside Edition

If there’s anything this year could use, it’s more sunshine. Spring has been off to a … slow start. With stretches of cold temps and cloudy days, it feels as if the warmer weather will just never arrive. So, we’re doing our part here at Summit Brewing Co. to help encourage, or at least emulate, […]

Dakota Soul Craft Lager 12pk, 12oz can and pour shot on patio

What’s In A Name: Summit Dakota Soul Craft Lager

Ever looked through a beer menu and wondered, “How did they come up with these names?” Well, we’ve got an answer for you! We’ve already looked at how Summit Slugfest Juicy IPA and Summit Cabin Crusher Kölsch-Style Ale with Lime received their titles. Now, we’re exploring Summit Dakota Soul Craft Lager. One of the many […]

Picking Apart the Hop: Loral

Brewing beer is both an art and a science. While it takes a meticulous hand to determine the exact amount of each element needed to execute a perfectly balanced brew, it also takes a creative mind to craft an innovative recipe from just four ingredients. This innovation has been helped along by farmers who are […]

Extra Pale Ale and Saga IPA on Dock

10 Ways to Enjoy Summit Beer in the Summer

Ah, summer. A season filled with long days, bright sun and hot temps. A season made for enjoying cold beers. Whether it’s after work, on the weekend or during vacation, there’s plenty of opportunities during the warm-weather months to enjoy some refreshing Summit beer outdoors. And, if you’re in need of some ideas, we’ve got […]

Summit Cabin Crusher Kölsh-Style Ale with Lime on Pallet

What’s In A Name: Cabin Crusher Kölsch-Style Ale with Lime

Have you ever wondered, “What in brewing’s name made them decide to call the beer that?!” Well, we’ll tell you! This spring we uncovered the story behind the naming of Slugfest Juicy IPA. Now, we’re looking at Cabin Crusher Kölsch-Style Ale with Lime. As we mentioned in our previous blog, many Summit Brewing Co. employees […]

Summit Announces the New CRUSHER Soulmates Combo Pack

Escape to a flavorful state of mind with the Summit CRUSHER beers! Everyone needs a getaway every now-and-then. While this isn’t always physically possible, and even less so in our current climate, we here at Summit Brewing Company know taste can be equally as transformative as trips. After the successful release of Summit Cabin Crusher […]

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