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What’s In A Name: Cabin Crusher Kölsch-Style Ale with Lime

Have you ever wondered, “What in brewing’s name made them decide to call the beer that?!”

Well, we’ll tell you!

This spring we uncovered the story behind the naming of Slugfest Juicy IPA. Now, we’re looking at Cabin Crusher Kölsch-Style Ale with Lime.

Summit Cabin Crusher Kölsch-Style Ale with Lime 12oz cans
(credit: Summit Brewing Co.)

As we mentioned in our previous blog, many Summit Brewing Co. employees are often asked about the names of our beers.

When it comes to naming a new brew there’s so much more that goes into it outside of being catchy and kitschy. This includes taking into consideration pronunciation and clarity of style for the consumer. Thus, keeping the brands named after their style helps reduce difficulty in these areas.

But as we continue to add new brands to our line-up, we want to start to set ourselves apart from the status quo. Thus, beers like Slugfest Juicy IPA and Cabin Crusher Kölsch-Style Ale with Lime are born.

Much like with Slugfest Juicy IPA, we considered several factors when looking at Cabin Crusher Kölsch-Style Ale with Lime. It’s malt make-up, which consists of pale, Pils and wheat malts, make it light in body and refreshingly crisp. The Loral and Lemon Drop hops add a bright, citrus note. Both of these together made us think of how crushable a beer like this could be on a patio. Say, on a hot summer’s day?

But, why not just name the beer “Crusher Ale,” you ask?

Well, we got to thinking about what summer means in the Midwest, and we found there’s nothing that embodies the season more than trips up to the cabin!

Then, of course, we wanted to include the style. So, we added “Kölsch-Style Ale.” If you’re curious why it’s called a “Kölsch-Style,” check out our blog all about German beers! (TL;DR: It’s like champagne in that it must be made in the Köln region to be called a Kölsch.)

Finally, when it came to creating the look of the beer we thought about who lives in cabin country. And, as any good Midwesterner knows, it’s a trusty lumberjack and his pal ox!

So, in summer 2019 our lumberjack clad cans of Cabin Crusher Kölsch-Style Ale with Lime made their way to market and have been a summer staple since. So much so, we even extended it into a Cabin Crusher Kölsch-Style Ale with Lemon and CRUSHER Soulmates Pack with Lake Crusher Tangerine!

Look for Summit Cabin Crusher Kölsch-Style Ale with Lime in 6- and 12-packs of 12oz cans at a store near you.

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