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Summit Teams Up With Dark Horse Bar & Eatery for ‘One Night Stand’

Hob Knob Porter EventDark Horse Bar & Eatery’s “One Night Stand”
Summit Hob Knob and Knob Creek’s Dark Horse Blend Together
January 6th, 2017, at 5 p.m.

Way, way back in June 2016, our friendly Summit brewers got their hands on a big oak bourbon barrel from Knob Creek and decided to fill it with a brand-new, one-off, pilot-batch porter.

Using traditional English hop varieties and a blend of specialized roasted malts from Briess and Patagonia, as well as a handful of stout and wheat malts, they created a dark brown, 7.4% ABV porter with whispers of chocolate and espresso. Called Summit Hob Knob, which is simply a fun, old-timey word for a party, the beer picked up notes of vanilla, oak and toasted marshmallow in the barrel, jumping to a final ABV of 8.1%.

Despite generating a little mellow bourbon heat in the back of the throat and nasal passage, Hob Knob has a soft mouthfeel and a relatively low ABV compared to some of those big, bad, barrel-aged stouts typically served just 8 ounces at a time. Our brewers’ goal, in fact, was to create a beer you could have a couple pints of, should it suit you.

Since Paddy Whelan and his team at the Dark Horse Bar & Eatery in Lowertown happen to be sitting on their very own one-of-a-kind Knob Creek Bourbon blend, we’ve all teamed up to offer you thirsty folks the “One Night Stand” event — your chance to taste both Summit Hob Knob and Knob Creek’s Dark Horse Blend side by side.

“The bourbon is high-octane, man,” says Whelan, who’s working on a special cocktail just for the event. “We sampled a few barrels from Knob Creek, and this one was just right. Even at 120 proof, it’s balanced and flavorful.”

The Dark Horse kitchen is also planning a special $5 slider for the event to help you soak up the booze — a 4-oz. patty topped with cheese, whiskey barbecue sauce and fried serrano peppers.

Head to the Dark Horse Bar & Eatery on Friday, January 6th for a 5 p.m. Hob Knob Portertapping of Knob Creek Dark Horse and Summit Hob Knob, and enjoy other Summit beers on tap, including Extra Pale Ale, Sága and Oatmeal Stout. Visit Dark Horse Bar & Eatery on Facebook for more information.

Rare beer. Rare bourbon. A rare opportunity.


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