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Summit Goes A-Caroling, Delivers 12-packs of Christmas Cheer to Neighbors

Summit PearsonsWith Christmas just days away, this week Summit employees prepared a fresh batch of Christmas cards, put on their Santa hats and loaded the Summit van with cases of beer for the brewery’s neighbors.

Stopping at businesses throughout the Crosby Lake Business Park, the West 7th neighborhood, and even a couple of spots in Highland Park and Mac-Groveland, we were happy to spend a few minutes chatting with receptionists, HR managers and other employees during our surprise visits.

Among the businesses we visited were Mississippi Market, a Natural Foods Coop; EMC Publishing, one of the country’s leading producers and marketers of educational textbooks and multimedia programs; and Pearson’s Candy, makers of treats like Salted Nut Rolls, Nut Goodies, Bit-O-Honey and more.

These businesses and others make snacks and lunches for Summit employees, provide overflow parking for Summit events, and even help support the brewery by visiting our Beer Hall from time to time. Individually and collectively, they contribute to making St. Paul a happier, more unique place to live, work and do business. In short, they’re good neighbors.

Invited to grab a few bite-size pieces of candy on our way out of Pearson’s, we helped ourselves to a handful of Mint Patties before hurrying onto the next stop. Just one more reason why it’s the best time of year to visit with friends and neighbors.

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