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Summit Brewing Co. Announces Guest List for House Party Variety Box

Here at Summit Brewing Co. we’ve always got a reason to celebrate. Fortunately, we’ve also always got a beer to celebrate with, too! From concerts to baseball games to marathons, we’re always ready with a Pilsener and a Prost!

House Party Variety Box
(credit: Summit Brewing Company)

As the weather starts to turn colder, we’re moving more of our gatherings indoors. That’s why we figured for our next celebration, it’d be perfect to thrown an old-fashioned house party!

We’ve put together a guest list with some elite brews, and we’re also inviting you.

So, get ready to drop the needle sip some suds.


Cranky Woodsman, from House Party Variety Box, canning day, July 24, 2018
(credit: Summit Brewing Company)


Summit Cranky Woodsman Nut Brown Ale

It wouldn’t be a party in Minnesota without the quintessential Minnesotan guest. You know the one – the one who marks seasons by which animal they can hunt, the one who routes for every local team (even the Lynx), the one who grills in 10º weather because it’s not that cold. At our party, that guest is Summit Cranky Woodsman. Brewed with Minnesota-grown puffed wild rice, Cascade hops from Mighty Axe Farms and Lacey barley from Alexandria, Minn., this beer is all Minnesota. With a hint of smoked oat malt and taste of maple syrup, it embodies the Bold North.


Keller Pils, from House Party Variety Box, with GABF Gold Medal
(credit: Summit Brewing Company)

Summit Keller Pils

Then, there’s always the wallflower. That one guest that seems to be shy and reserved but with a little coaxing can open up to become the life of the party. Enter Summit Keller Pils. Like the ingénue in any rom-com, Keller Pils may appear to be just a traditional, unfiltered German lager. But remove her glasses, or in this case pop open the can, and she becomes a knock-out. Originally released in 2016 as part of our 30th Anniversary Series, this brew was so popular it became a year-round staple. Her beautiful taste even won the hears of the judges at the Great American Beer Festival in 2018 when she won the gold medal in Kellerbiers. 


Saga IPA, from House Party Variety box, in Ratskeller
(credit: Summit Brewing Company)

Summit Sága IPA

Of course, it wouldn’t be a party without the gal that is a little bit “extra.” Who else is going to cheer on chugging contests or get the dance floor started? That is where Summit Sága IPA comes in. With her bright tropical notes and assertive bitterness, Sága is exciting, fun and almost too much. She’s bold and a bit extra, but those are the two things that make parties memorable. There’s a reason this beer is named after a goddess. 



Summit EPA, from House Party Variety Box
(credit: Summit Brewing Company)

Summit Extra Pale Ale

And, finally, what would a party be without your best friend? Well, it’d be like Summit Brewing without Summit Extra Pale Ale! Summit Extra Pale is that best friend. It’s the friend that arrives early to help you get ready, the friend who keeps the party going and the friend who stays late to reminisce as you clean up. So, crack open some memories with our most award-winning, flagship ale.

Now, all we need is you! So, bring some tunes and we’ll bring the beer.

Summit House Party starts now. Find it at a store near you.

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