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7 Summit Beer and Dessert Pairings You’ll Love

It’s February. Which generally means two things – the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day.

While typically the Super Bowl is the more beer-related festivity we thought we’d focus more on Valentine’s Day, in part because we don’t do what’s typical and in part because the Super Bowl is over.

So, since Valentine’s Day is almost synonymous with candies and chocolates, we thought we’d offer up dessert pairings! For each of our seven year-round Summit beers we’ve suggested dishes or flavors that will complement the brews.

Each pairing is perfect for a decadent ending to a Valentine’s Day meal, a tasting trial with friends or just an excuse to be fancy on your own.

Summit Beer in tulip glass
(credit: Summit Brewing Co.)

Summit Oatmeal Stout Nitro – Mint Brownies

Hazelnut and caramel – both flavors found in out Summit Oatmeal Stout Nitro and both flavors that pair excellently with mint and chocolate.

The chocolate in the brownies elevates the rich cocoa flavors in the malts of this smooth brew, plus complement the notes of caramel and hazelnut. Meanwhile, the cool, crisp flavor of the mint accentuates the velvety, sweet notes of the stout served on nitro and both combined offer a refreshing finish.

Summit Keller Pils – Glazed Donuts

A highly complex beer, Summit Keller Pils pairs best with a simple, yet delicious, dessert – donuts. Specifically, we recommend glazed, raised doughnuts.

The airy dough of a raised doughnut helps brighten the rich, sweet malts and lets them shine. While a cake doughnut would still pair well, it competes a bit with the malts as it is a bit heavier.

We suggest a traditional glazed not only because this is a traditionally brewed beer, but also because the flavor will complement the sweetness of the honey, citrus and melon notes of the hops.

Summit Triumphant Session IPA – Fruit Tart

Depending upon why you’re reaching for a Summit Triumphant Session IPA, it could be a dessert in and of itself or allow for greater indulgence. With 95 calories, 3.5g of carbs, 0g of fat and 1g of protein per 12oz serving it is perfect for both of those scenarios. But, we thought to allow for the potential of multiple beers and multiple bites we’d suggest a fruit tart pairing!

Fruit is often a low-cal option for dessert, and so pairs well with a low-cal beer. However, the pineapple, grapefruit and apricot notes also would go nicely with a sweet tart of berries or tropical fruits. The balanced bitterness can cut the sweetness of the sugary syrup often covering these treats, and the graham cracker crust offers little carbs and helps the biscuit flavors of the malt shine.

Summit Slugfest Juicy IPA – Orange Dream Bars

For many pairings the mantra is to complement not compete, but when you can’t beat ’em you gotta join ’em. That’s why for Summit Slugfest Juicy IPA we suggest an orange-flavored confectionary.

The bright, juicy citrus flavor of orange that is so pervasive in this beer will blend beautifully with the thick sweetness of the orange in the bars. Additionally, the citrus flavors will highlight the caramel-malt backbone of the beer.

Summit Dakota Soul Craft Lager – Sugar Cookie

Light and sweet, a sugar cookie is the perfect pairing with our cool and refreshing Summit Dakota Soul Craft Lager.

The sacchariferous of the treat brings out the lemon and floral hops found in this Midwest-style pilsner, while the clean and effervescent of the beer brings out the airiness of the cookie.

Feel free to add frosting to heighten the flavors, or try a shortbread cookie to bring out the biscuit and graham cracker notes of the malts.

Summit Sága IPA – Lemon Cheesecake

Smooth and tangy, a cheesecake is the perfect pairing with our bright and bitter Summit Sága IPA.

The lemon accentuates the tropical and grapefruit notes from the hops, emboldening the fruitiness of this IPA. While any cheesecake will do, we suggest one that has a graham cracker crust as that will also highlight the vibrant fruit flavors.

Especially effervescent IPAs, like Sága IPA or even our Twenty-One IPA, also cut through dairy fat and intensify the tanginess of the citrus flavors.

If you’re not a fan of sweets, but still want to indulge Summit Sága IPA also pairs well with cheese.

Hard, sharp cheeses – think cheddar or parmesan – work best as they can stand up to the bitterness of the beer. Aged or smoked cheeses are especially good pairings.

Summit Extra Pale Ale – German Chocolate Cake

Though based off a British beer, for our flagship brew, Summit Extra Pale Ale — or Summit EPA, we suggest a German treat! German Chocolate Cake.

The caramel topping and rich chocolate cake will complement the caramel malts by showing off the marmalade flavors. Additionally, the earthy hops will brighten the coconut notes running throughout the chocolate.

Summit Beer in Pint Glass
(credit: Summit Brewing Co.)

So, whether celebrating with a significant other, loved one, friend or by yourself any of these pairings is sure to be a delicious end to your day! Cheers!

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