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Have a Rad Friggin Burger with Your Summit Dakota Soul


Not only is Summit Dakota Soul the best dang beer in Minnesota — recently verified by Popular Mechanics — it’s also the best beer to pair with your favorite messy AF burger.

For the month of June, Summit Brewing Co. is teaming up with Twin Cities area restaurants to bring you can’t-miss specials on Summit Dakota Soul and some of the most crazy-delicious burgers you’ve ever tasted. Loosen your belt, grab a bib and take a look:

Half Time Rec, St. Paul, MN: Enjoy a pint of Summit Dakota Soul alongside the Paddy Shack Burger — the 2018 Twin Cities Burger Battle Champion — for just $12.

The Happy Gnome, St. Paul, MN: Pints of Dakota Soul are just $4 when you take down The Game Burger, featuring a Bison, elk, bacon and horseradish patty, plus bleu cheese-onions and lingonberry aioli.

7th Street Social, St. Paul, MN: Drain a pint of Summit Dakota Soul with the Curd Burgerson — covered in deep-fried cheese curds — for $12.

TinCup Bar, St. Paul, MN: Drop in for a $4.50 Summit EPA or Sága alongside the Inside-Out California Burger, stuffed with American cheese and pickles, and topped with bacon, lettuce and tomato.

Ngon Bistro, St. Paul, MN: Pints of Summit Dakota Soul are just $3.50 when you take in the Ramen Burger, which sounds far too good to be true.

Herbie’s On the Park, St. Paul, MN: Enjoy a pint of Summit Dakota Soul for $4 with the gourmet Craft Burger — made with Bleu cheese bechamel, pulled pork and blackberry mostarda.

Brunson’s Pub, St. Paul, MN: Pints of Summit Dakota Soul are just $4.50 when you order alongside the No Payne No Gain Burger, made with one certified Angus beef patty, pulled bacon, bleu and American cheese blend, blackberry vidalia jam and a milk bun.

Peppers and Fries, Minneapolis, MN: Grab a $3 pint of Summit Dakota Soul with the Firehouse 21 burger, smothered in pepper jack, fresh jalapeños, pico de gallo, chipotle mayo, and cream cheese.

Remember, these specials will run only during the month of June, so please don’t go hungry.

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