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Happy National IPA Day!

Hey, beer nerds, did you know it’s National IPA Day today? It’s a glorious holiday all about celebrating all of the delicious India Pale Ale beer styles we’re privileged to have.

Some of you might think, “When in the history of mankind did this marvelous beer style first get tapped?” Well, there’s no better day than IPA Day to talk about how this super crushable beer style was founded. Firstly, despite its name, the India Pale Ale is not from India. It’s from Great Britain. “Then why the heck is it in the name then if it’s not from there?” See, way back in the 1700s; some clever British brewers were trying to come up with a beer that could survive the long journey to India without going bad in the heat or rough seas. So, they added extra hops to the beer, preserving it naturally and giving it a unique taste and smell. Soon after, this beer style became super popular all over the world and would act as the foundation for so many variants of IPA like Sessions IPAs, Hazy IPAs, double dry hopped IPAs, and so much more.

So whether enjoying a pint of Saga IPA or cracking open a can of our Triumphant Session IPA, here’s to National IPA Day and those British guys for making IPAs to begin with.

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