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Summit Brewing Co. presents AUG-toberfest!

Dust off those lederhosens and dirndls; Summit Brewing Company is bringing the German flair and flavor by tapping our Oktoberfest early this year! And to celebrate, we’re throwing an Oktoberfest-themed party in August! Don’t miss this Oktoberfest-themed event as we tap a special unfiltered version of our Oktoberfest from a fass keg. And it’s not an Oktoberfest party without some Polka music and brats. That’s why we’ll have a musical performance by The Jolly Huntsman and Gerhard’s Brat Food Truck to serve up some authentic German cuisine that will satisfy any craving. Finally, if you’re feeling competitive, we’ll also host a German-themed trivia to test your knowledge. I can’t wait to attend and enjoy all the festivities!

Date: Friday, August 11, 2023

Time: 3 – 9 p.m.

Location: Summit Ratskeller • 910 Montreal Circle, St. Paul, MN

A What Keg?

You can’t call it Unfiltered Fridays without tapping our monthly unfiltered fass keg! What’s a Fass keg you might ask? Well, for starters, it’s a keg used for serving unfiltered, naturally carbonated beer taken directly from the fermenter and then put in your glass immediately. Like, the same day.

Our Fass kegs are 30 liters in size, about ten years old, and made of oak. A stainless steel interior prevents the wood from altering the flavor of the final beer.
We have four of ‘em here at Summit, which is truly an embarrassment of riches once you’ve tasted the beer outta these vessels.

Unlike firkins, which allow the beer inside to go through a second fermentation, Fass kegs are not meant for aging or conditioning beer. And unlike casks, which are meant for serving traditional English-style Ales close to room temp and with low CO2, Fass kegs retain CO2 and are a great vessel for continental European-style beers, such as lagers and wheat beers. You’ll spot ‘em fulla Kolsches in Cologne, Germany, and fulla altbiers in Dusseldorf. You may even see ‘em from time to time in Munich come Oktoberfest time. If you get over to those parts ever.

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