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Where to Enjoy Summit Beer at the 2023 Minnesota State Fair

Well, folks. It’s that time of year again! The Minnesota State Fair is right around the corner!

To help make sure you can fit the most Summit stops into your fair route, we’ve put together a list* of all the places serving up a Summit brew.

So, whether you’re seeking a Saga Hazy IPA to pair with your pickle fries, Summit Extra Pale Ale for your pronto pup, or you’re calculating how far Summit on a Stick is from where you parked so you can get your hands on our State Fair exclusive Dan Patch’n Fruit IPA! Well, have no fear; we’ve got your back and put together this handy-dandy map!

Summit on a Stick Booth in the International Bazaar — STATE FAIR EXCLUSIVE: Dan Patch’n Fruit IPA! You can also find Summit Extra Pale Ale, Summit Twins Pils, Summit Oktoberfest, Sága IPA, Sága Hazy IPA, Summit Oatmeal Stout on Nitro, and Nials Non-Alcoholic IPA 12 oz cans.

Shanghai Henri’s Building in the International Bazaar — STATE FAIR EXCLUSIVE Dan Patch’n Fruit IPA, Summit Extra Pale Ale, Summit Oktoberfest, Nialas Non-Alcoholic IPA • 12oz cans

You can also find us at:

  • Andy’s Grill Clough — Summit Extra Pale Ale
  • Ball Park — Twins Pils
  • The Blue Barn — Twins Pils
  • Cafe Caribe — Summit Extra Pale & Summit Twins Pils • 16 oz cans
  • Chicago Dogs — Summit Extra Pale Ale
  • Coasters — Summit Extra Pale Ale
  • Coliseum — Oktoberfest • 16oz cans
  • Dino’s Gyros — Sága Hazy IPA, Oktoberfest
  • Frontier — Oktoberfest
  • The Grandstand — Summit Extra Pale Ale
  • The Hangar — Twins Pils & Oktoberfest • 16 oz cans
  • Lulu’s Public House — Summit Extra Pale Ale
  • Mancini’s at the Fair — Summit Extra Pale Ale 
  • Midway Men’s Club — Summit Extra Pale Ale & Oktoberfest • 16oz cans
  • O’Gara’s at the Fair — Summit Extra Pale Ale
  • Ragin Cajun — Sága Hazy IPA & Oktoberfest • 16oz cans
  • Tejas — Saga IPA

And remember that all of your favorite fair foods pair well with a Summit beer.

Happy fair-going & please drink responsibly!

*This list is subject to change.


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