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A Love Letter to Hockey Fans

Penalty Box 1Everybody knows Minnesota winters get cold. It’s dark all the time, ice crystals literally fall from the sky, and all our lakes and ponds freeze solid. It’s terrifying. Unless, of course, you’re a hockey fan.

All that cold means hockey fans get to do their favorite things: skate on ice, watch other people skate on ice, and yell things at the people skating on the ice. (If you’ve never tried these activities, please do. It’s fun stuff.)

Their passion for all things frigid and puck-related is inspiring and contagious, so we’ve come up with a little something to celebrate their hockey-loving hearts: The Summit Penalty Box.

Featuring twelve 12-oz. glass bottles, this variety pack includes some of our favorite barley-based beverages:

  • Summit High Sticke Alt, a new, limited beer boasting hints of spice, a slightly sweet finish, and pretty slick puck-handling skills.
  • Summit Horizon Red IPA, a year-round staple with intense pine and citrus hops and a red-hued malt backbone.
  • Summit Winter Ale, a returning seasonal beer with roasted malts and notes of coffee, chocolate, and dark fruit.
  • Summit Extra Pale Ale, our flagship pale ale with caramel biscuit malts and a juicy citrus hop bite. FYI: It just won the GABF silver medal for Classic English-Style Pale Ales, and silver is the same color as the Stanley Cup. Coincidence?
AHA Hockey
Hockey players are so badass

The Summit Penalty Box is our simple tribute to our friends in the Adult Hockey Association, a Minnesota-based amateur adult hockey association for men and women.

It’s our way of thanking the Minnesota Wild organization and their kickass Iowa affiliate, the Iowa Wild, for entertaining us all winter long and for supporting our local community throughout the year.

SotaStick merch
New hockey-inspired coozies and bottle openers from SotaStick

And it’s allowed us to work with the creative knuckleheads at SotaStick, a Minneapolis-based producer and retailer of rad hockey-inspired merch. You should check out the new stuff they’ve helped us create for the Summit Gift Shop. Go on. Do it.

So, heck, if you’re already nuts for hockey, then why not drink some beer that honors your favorite winter pastime? You can have a bottle while you’re playing goalie, take a swig right before your next face-off, or mellow out while you’re doing time for high-sticking. Or maybe you can save it for the warming house after practice. Your call.

And for the resta-yas — the folks who maybe prefer warm blankets and the quiet roar of a fire on a winter’s eve — we’ve got a little something to make all that cold ice-hockey action more appealing: Beer. Trust us, you’ll love sipping on a beer and yelling at the hockey-men on the tee-vee.

Anyhoo, whatever your feelings toward the cold winter weather, put on your favorite sweater (your hockey team’s home colors or the one Grandma knitted) and warm yourself up with some hockey-flavored beer. Winter will be gone before you know it.

Employee Testimonials for the Summit Penalty Box

  • “I love hockey!” – Mike L. from Brewing
  • “I used to play hockey and always felt bad when I was called for high sticking. Now I only feel bad when High Sticke is gone.” – Steve S. from Packaging
  • “I am a moth. The Penalty Box is my flame.” – Tim M. from Inventory
  • “If anyone wants to take me to a Wild game, I’ve never had the pleasure.” – Lacey Z. from the Front Desk
  • “I don’t give a $%#*@ about hockey, but I love High Sticke.” – Eric from Marketing


High Sticke Alt in Snow

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