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Summit High Sticke Alt Returns, Only Inside the Penalty Box

After an all-star debut in 2017, League MVP Summit High Sticke Alt has agreed to terms for the 2018 season with Summit Brewing Co. Howdy, Beer Lovers. Y’all remember Summit High Sticke Alt? Let us jog your memory: Released in October 2017 on draft and inside the Penalty Box variety pack, our High Sticke was […]

Summit Winter Ale Returns, and So Does the Penalty Box Variety Pack

Brewery Would Like to Apologize for Ticking People Off We Made a Mistake. Summit Winter Ale Isn’t Going Anywhere. OK, first thing’s first: Summit Winter Ale is coming back. Last November we announced plans to retire the beer, but you folks weren’t having any of that. After listening to your angry phone calls, reading and […]

A Love Letter to Hockey Fans

Everybody knows Minnesota winters get cold. It’s dark all the time, ice crystals literally fall from the sky, and all our lakes and ponds freeze solid. It’s terrifying. Unless, of course, you’re a hockey fan. All that cold means hockey fans get to do their favorite things: skate on ice, watch other people skate on […]

Summit Brewing Co. Releases High Sticke Alt

Referees Charge Brewery With Minor Infraction, Send Beer to Penalty Box Heads up, Folks. Summit Brewing Co.’s newest beer is a bruiser. Cross-checking, throwing elbows, talking trash, instigating fights — Summit High Sticke Alt is a powerful German-style ale ready to knock down the competition on and off the ice. Debuting in late October on […]

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