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7 Summit Beer and Candy Pairings to Enjoy this Halloween

When thinking of a dessert beverage beer may not immediately come to mind. But, it can often be a great pairing with a sweet treat!

As spooky season is upon us and candy is in abundance, why not try your next brew with something sugary?

To help you know which piece of candy to grab to enjoy with your beer, we put together a list of seven pairings that are sure to make you scream…with delight!


Summit Oatmeal Stout & Three Musketeers

Stouts and chocolate are always a match made in heaven.

The hazelnut and chocolate flavors found in this stout will enhance the light mouse flavors of the nougat filling. Additionally, if you enjoy Oatmeal Stout on Nitro, the velvety smooth finish will complement the creamy filling of the candy bar.


Summit Keller Pils & Candy Corn

There are few candies as divisive as candy corn. But, there are few beers as universally loved as our Keller Pils. So, we thought we’d pair this beloved brew with the troublesome treat.

Of course, we are also pairing them because they make a great match! The light, clean body of the German-style Pilsner cuts the sweetness of the sugary candy. It’s honey undertones also accentuate the honey-caramel notes of the candy corn. You can’t go wrong with a traditional candy and a traditional beer.


Summit Triumphant Session IPA & Gummy Bears

The unique hop blend in Summit Triumphant Session IPA boasts tropical flavors ranging from pineapple to apricot to grapefruit. So, what better combination than a bag of gummy bears that also ranges in flavors from orange, lemon and pineapple.

The fruit flavors of both the beer and candy blend together for a truly tropical experience, while the light bitterness of the IPA keeps the sweetness from becoming too overwhelming.


Summit Slugfest Juicy IPA & Starbursts

Just as with Triumphant Session IPA, we’re meeting Slugfest Juicy IPA where its strengths are!

The juicy orange candy flavors of this brew compliment the chewy, fruitiness of these candies. The orange and lemon Starbursts particularly allow the tangerine and lemon aromas in this aromatic brew to pop.


Summit Dakota Soul Craft Lager & Lemon Heads

Of course, it’s this beer’s lemon flavors that match beautifully with the tart, lemon candy, but its floral notes also brighten the citrus notes and let them shine. Additionally, its effervescent body helps to cut through the sour candy.


Summit Sága IPA & Sour Patch Kids

We’re pairing the tropical Sága IPA with fruity flavored chewy candies! This IPA is also perfect for the super sour treat as the big, bold bitterness cuts through the sour flavors and accentuates the fruit notes underneath. Meanwhile the fruity candy accentuates the grapefruit and tropical hop aromas in this hoppy ale.


Summit Extra Pale Ale & Pearson’s Nut Rolls

With these two St. Paul classics you can’t go wrong! Created right down the street from one another it’s almost like they were made for each other!

Extra Pale Ale’s caramel malt backbone perfectly complements the caramel, nougat center of the candy bar. Meanwhile, the earthy, orange hop notes of the beer accentuate the salty nuttiness of the peanuts. All in all, it’s the perfect St. Paul bite!


However you celebrate, with candy or a beer, have a happy and safe Halloween! And, if it is with beer, please drink responsibly!

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