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From The Archives: 1986 WCCO Interview of Mark Stutrud

In September 1986, Summit Brewing Company opened its doors on its University Avenue location. A small gathering was held to commemorate the new St. Paul business and among the attendees was WCCO 4 News.

While a brewery opening in Minnesota wasn’t all that unusual – the state has a history of brewing – a brewery that was serving just the Twin Cities area (at the time) was.

At its opening, President and Founder Mark Stutrud planned to have Summit Brewing’s Extra Pale Ale available just within the Twin Cities. In fact, at first it was only to be served at five local bars.

The initial opening plans also stated Summit Brewing would brew less than 6,000 barrels a year, making it a microbrewery. Also something revolutionary at the time.

WCCO 4 News reporter Eva Thompson spoke with Stutrud at the event where he shared what has become somewhat of an unspoken Summit mantra: “What we’re after is that the product – the beer – will speak for itself.”

With our 35th anniversary fast approaching, we want to share this fun slice of Summit (and Minnesota) history!


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