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We’re Tired of Waiting for Summit Maibock

In the middle of these long, cold months, every brief ray of sunshine coupled with a warm breeze feels like the promise of early Spring. But the weather is fickle here, and in the absence of a real honest-to-goodness thaw, which truly may not come for months, here at Summit Brewing Co. we’ve no choice but to move forward with our very own harbinger of the vernal equinox: Summit Maibock.

Heck, we’re sick of waiting, and we bet you are, too. So, good news: It’s available now.

Returning once again on draft and in 12-packs of 12-oz. cans, as well as 6-packs and 12-packs of 12-oz. bottles, Summit Maibock calls to mind melting snow, thawing ice, budding leaves, and the pleasant melodies of chickadees and yellow warblers. Never mind that it’s still frigid AF outside and dark before six.

Brewed to the traditional German style, since its introduction in 1989 our Summit Maibock has paid homage to those old-world beers brewed by hungry German monks fasting through Lent. You see, this strong, spicy, balanced but malt-forward beer was nicknamed liquid bread, and it helped them forget about their hunger.

Featuring Moravian 37 malt and Czech Saaz hops, it boasts toasted sweetness and a little spice in the finish. You may recognize those Moravian 37 malts from other Summit brews like Oktoberfest and Dakota Soul, as the barley comes from the family farm of our founder’s North Dakota cousins. You might also recognize as familiar some subtle, slightly spicy and estery characteristics from the yeast strain, which we also use in our Summit Keller Pils.

Rest assured, however, this beer is one of a kind, says Summit Head Brewer Damian McConn. “It’s a strong lager, aged 60–90 days, and it’s a greatly underrepresented style. Get yours while you can, though, because we make just a small amount to support all you monks during your Lenten fast.” Or, more likely, to hold you over till actual Spring finally comes.

Still not sold? Let’s see what the Untappd users have to say.

  • “A nice break from all the IPAs!” – Robin
  • “Wow!! Just wow!” – Trey T.
  • “Good beer.” – Brian B.
  • “Chuck Norris would approve.” – Chad S. (We have no idea why he would say this or if it’s true.)
  • “Eh, 1.25 stars.” – John J. (Thanks, John.)

Find Summit Maibock before your neighbor Bob buys it all, or get a pint at the Summit Beer Hall when it FINALLY goes on tap Thursday, February 15, 2018.

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