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Pair Your Favorite Summit Beer with Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie

As we move further into February, sure signs begin to pop that winter is waning. The days are getting longer, temps are getting warmer and Girl Scouts are once again selling cookies. This annual tradition not only marks the once-a-year return of beloved favorites like Thin Mints, Caramel deLites or Peanut Butter Patties, its end […]

Summit Mixed Pack IPA Edition Returns for Third Year

We’re ringing in the New Year by bringing back our most hopped-up variety pack ever – the Summit Mixed Pack IPA Edition! Here at Summit Brewing Co. we are all about innovation and invention. We pride ourselves in being ahead of the curve when it comes to experimental ingredients or new brewing techniques. But, we’re […]

Mixed Pack IPA Edition

Tasting Summit Elderflower IPA Like A Craft Brewer

It’s well-known that craft beer drinkers love a fun fact about their favorite brew. Craft IPA fans especially enjoy the lesser known details. From being able to discuss the advantages of dry-hopping to sharing the taste differences between fresh and pellet hops to keenly picking out which hop varietal is responsible for a specific flavor, […]

Summit Mixed Pack IPA Edition

Crack the Cold with Summit Mixed Pack IPA Edition

This week, it didn’t seem to matter where in the U.S. you were because wherever that was it was COLD. From frigid temps in the upper Midwest to hail and ice on the East Coast to snow in the south, the entire country was freezing. So, while we all dreamed warm thoughts as temperatures started […]

Summit Brewing Co. Announces 2021 Brand Calendar

We’ve all been saying it since last March – what a year 2020 was. An unprecedented year, you might even say. With the rocky start to the new decade behind us, we’re excited to look ahead to what 2021 has in store. While we may be a bit gun-shy right out of the gate (can […]

Summit Brewing Co. Announces 2020 Brand Release Calendar

A new decade brings new changes as Summit Brewing Company enters its 34th year. Here at Summit Brewing Company, we’re all about innovation. In addition to brewing up our award-winning, tried-and-true brews all year long, we’re always asking ourselves how we can create inventive new flavors and styles. What’s the newest brewing technology? How can we […]

Mixed Pack IPA Edition

Summit Brewing Co. Announces Release of First Mixed Pack Iteration – IPA Edition

We get it, craft beer drinkers like IPAs. So, we’ve created a whole box of them. Since the boom of the craft beer era, India Pale Ale has been the reigning style. Whether it’s the kick-in-the-teeth bitterness, bright effervescence or easy-to-remember acronym, drinkers keep coming back to this style again and again. Armed with this […]

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