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Summit Brewing Co. Announces Release of First Mixed Pack Iteration – IPA Edition

We get it, craft beer drinkers like IPAs. So, we’ve created a whole box of them.

Since the boom of the craft beer era, India Pale Ale has been the reigning style. Whether it’s the kick-in-the-teeth bitterness, bright effervescence or easy-to-remember acronym, drinkers keep coming back to this style again and again.

Armed with this knowledge, we here at Summit Brewing Co. set out to give the people what they want. After all, we’re no strangers to listening to what our customers want. So, this winter, we’re releasing a variety box that packs a punch.

Introducing the Summit Mixed Pack IPA Edition. Filled with three 12oz. cans each of four different IPA styles, it’ll help take the bite out of winter.

Mixed Pack IPA Edition
(credit: Summit Brewing Company)

Summit Sága IPA

Saga IPA from Mixed Pack IPA Edition
(credit: Summit Brewing Company)

No Summit IPA variety pack would be complete without Summit Sága IPA. Tropical aromas of pineapple and kiwi lead to big hop flavor and a clean finish. Boldly hopped, assertively bitter and brightly effervescent, Sága is the perfect, traditional IPA.





Summit Elderflower

Elderflower IPA in Mixed Pack IPA Edition
(credit: Summit Brewing Company)

We had to throw one brand-new brew into this box. Welcome Elderflower IPA to the Summit beer family. Brewed with New Zealand hops and elderflower, this unfiltered, full-bodied IPA combines European flowers with south pacific island hops. Melon aromas and herbal flavors culminate in a smooth finish. Found exclusively in the Mixed Pack IPA Edition, this limited-edition beer will only be around as long as the box.



Summit Twenty-One IPA

Twenty-One IPA in Mixed Pack IPA Edition
(credit: Summit Brewing Company)

Our newest seasonal, Summit Twenty-One IPA was created when each of our seven brewers brought one malt and one hop to be crafted into a new beer. Vibrant citrus aromas and pine flavors from Amarillo and Chinook hops give this brew a bitter mouthfeel and dry finish. It hits all 21 marks of a big, balanced IPA.





Summit Slugfest Juicy IPA

Slufgest Juicy IPA in Mixed Pack IPA Edition
(credit: Summit Brewing Company)

A fan favorite from 2019, Summit Slugfest Juicy IPA proves the popularity of the style. Brewed originally as a super seasonal beer, it was so popular we brought it into our yearly rotation. Unfiltered and low in bitterness, Slugfest strays a bit from our traditional ideas of IPA. Still, it offers powerfully juicy citrus flavors of tangerine, melon and lemon. It’s undeniably repeatable!





Summit Mixed Pack IPA Edition will be available starting January 27. Find it at a store near you. Go ahead, dare to be adventurous and drink outside of the box.

Four Beers in Mixed Pack IPA Edition
(credit: Summit Brewing Company)
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