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Summit Hefeweizen Returns Home After Long Vacation

Back From a Long Vacation, Our Hefe Is Happy To Be Home.

Summit Hefeweizen

Please join us in welcoming home our old friend Summit Hefeweizen. First introduced in 2002, the classic German wheat beer left our St. Paul brewery in 2011 to visit friends and family in the old country. Worry not, however — since departing the Summit portfolio, this beer has remained the same sessionable and highly carbonated beverage you once knew and loved.

While away, the one-time summer seasonal sunned for a spell on Germany’s Lake Constance with a gang of traditional yet spicy Tettnang hops. It also traveled the countryside with German Pils and Carawheat, a couple of the malts responsible for Hefe’s lightly toasted and breadcrumb background. Summit Hefeweizen even had a little quality time one-on-one with a tremendous German yeast strain; we hear the results were just magical, producing familiar aromas of banana and clove.

But six years is a long time to be away, and it turns out folks back here in the states missed our Hefe — especially during those summer nights at the lake, at the ballpark, and at home by the grill.

“This classical style was first developed by the brewers of Bavaria, Germany, to refresh thirsty beer lovers during hot continental European summers,” says Head Brewer Damian McConn. “It was one of our very first seasonal beers, and with its effervescent, slightly dry finish, beautiful golden haze, and billowing head of foam atop the glass, this is truly one of the most refreshing beer styles available.”

For the first taste, Summit is hosting a Homecoming party this Thursday, March 30, at the Summit Beer Hall — join us to catch up and get reacquainted with your old pal.

Summit Hefeweizen will be available on draft and in 12-oz. cans starting the first week of April. Cans will be sold exclusively inside the Boundary Waters Box, a new variety pack also featuring Summit Wit Bier, Keller Pils, and Summer Ale.

For more information, including a full schedule of events in support of Summit Hefeweizen’s return, please visit www.summitbrewing.com/happenings.


Summit Hefeweizen Information
ABV: 4.8%
IBU: 18
Color: Harvest Gold (7L)
Malts: German Pils, US Pils, US Wheat, Carapils, Carawheat
Hops: Tettnang
Yeast: German Ale Yeast
Serving Tips: Serve at 38–42ºF in a Hefeweizen glass. Skip the lemon wedge and instead pair your Hefe with traditional German dishes like weisswurst, wiener schnitzel, and spaetzle. Also try white fish, chicken flautas, or Bavarian salad.

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