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Summit Brewing Co. Excited(17), Ecstatic(12), and Elated(7) to Sponsor Competitive Scrabble League

Brewery Can’t Wait to Pull Out Its Dictionary and Play

Scrabble, Summit Brewing

Summit Brewing Company is overjoyed today to announce a brand-new partnership with The Ramsey County Scrabble Rousers, a confederation of the finest and most competitive Scrabble players in St. Paul and its surrounding area.

The Ramsey Rousers, first formed in a cramped church basement during the brutally snowy winter of 1984, have long dreamed of a partnership like this. Not only will Summit offer the Scrabble league funds for official member t-shirts, but the brewery will also provide beer samples and a reliable venue for tournament play through 2021.

“This is the first major sponsorship in our history,” says Patty Larson, co-chair and assistant treasurer of the Ramsey Rousers. “We’ve been needing new boards and tiles for a while now, and personally, I was just plain enervated13 from having to move our tournaments around all the time. Apartment party rooms, crowded community centers, fast-food joints — we’ve seen it all.”

Summit Brewing Company employees are similarly happy about the new venture. Head Brewer Damian McConn, a ranked Scrabble player with a rating in the 1200s thanks to his deft command of Irish slang, says, “This feels monumental. Honestly, this is bigger than anything we’ve done before and… there are just no words.”

Summit Founder and President Mark Stutrud is no slouch at the Scrabble board either. Known to source words from a traditional German dictionary, Stutrud even has a custom-made collection of tiles marked with umlauts. “If you’re going to play a German word,” he explains, “it ought to be spelled and accented to style with respect to history and tradition.”

This partnership kicks off right away April 1 with round-the-clock tournament play at the brewery. Register here if you’d like to join in.

“Summit’s been wonderful,” says Larson of the Rousers. “This is like hitting a Triple Word Score and a Bingo all at once — how do you spell ‘heffavitezinn,’ by the way?”

Summit Hefeweizen

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