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Summit Imperial Russian Stout: The Bold North of Brews

Here in Minnesota we like to boast about our northern location. We don’t simply dwell in the “upper Midwest,” we survive in the Bold North.

We boast about experiencing -50° temperatures. We brag about driving through snow half of the year. We bet on how late ice will thaw and snow will melt. We live in the land of perpetual cold. (Or at least that’s how it seems to the rest of the country.)

So, it makes sense that to endure our habitat we need a big, brazen beer.

Enter, Summit Imperial Russian Stout.

Royal • Robust • Rich

This coal-black brew is barrel-aged five-to-six months to ensure its brash enough for our winter season. It’s also perhaps our darkest beer to date.

Brewed with a complex combination of malts, including Dark Chocolate and Victory, Imperial Russian Stout has flavors and aromas of roasted malt, mocha coffee, black licorice and dark fruit. A hop blend of Olicana, Fusion and Challenger add a nice, assertive bite. Though a full-bodied beer, it ends with a warming finish.

While inspired by a traditional British recipe from the 1840s, its stately name is derived from one of Europe’s northern most countries – Russia. Fitting, not only due to the majestic nature of this beer, but also because much of Minnesota is just as far north as most of Russia. (Take that fun fact to your next party.) Blending old world with new world, it’s truly a testament to Summit’s commitment to traditional ingredients with modern ingredients.

This shockingly drinkable beer is available in 4-packs of 12oz bottles, limited draught lines and on tap in the Summit Ratskeller. Drink boldly!

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