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Summit Brewing Releases House Party Variety Pack Vol. 2

It’s that time of year again. The weather begins to cool, night sets in a little earlier and we begin to trade our lackadaisical lakeside lounging for indoor gatherings. But, as with everything in 2020, our house parties may not look like what they used to. Instead of dancing cheek-to-cheek, we may be dancing on our own this fall. However, we at Summit Brewing are here to ensure that while you may be dancing with yourself, at the very least you won’t be dancing empty handed.

Summit House Party Variety Pack is returning for its second year. And this year, in addition to great brews, we’ve got some great tracks to go with your solo shindig. So, drop the needle and sip some suds!

Summit House Party Variety Pack 2020
(credit: Summit Brewing Company)
Track 1. Don’t Stand So Close To Me

Of all our beers in the House Party Variety Box, our Summit Sága IPA just may be the only one aggressive enough to call out any party-goer not abiding by the 6-feet rule. With its combination of Rakau, Citra, Centennial, Amarillo and Bravo hops, our signature IPA is assertive and bold. While this epic hop mix creates bitter flavors, tropical aromas of kiwi, passion fruit and apricot add a balanced sweetness. So, while Sága IPA may not hesitate to tell you to back up, they’ll still do it nicely.

Track 2. Tubthumbing

Fans of the 90’s band Chumbawamba may recall this hit in which the singer shares stories of “taking a lager drink.” Well, we’ve got that covered. The lone lager in our House Party Variety Pack, Summit Keller Pils, is a lager you definitely want to drink. Highly awarded and favored among our brewing staff, Keller Pils is a traditional, unfiltered German Pils. Light flavors of citrus, honey and melon blend with a slight floral notes and bready aromas to create a clean, balanced finish. It’s so good, it may leave you singing songs that remind you of the good times!

Track 3. I Will Survive

After a brief summer hiatus, Summit Great Northern Porter has returned! The embodiment of this ballad, Great Northern Porter not only is coming back after a break but also is one of just two beers we continue to brew from our original 1986 line-up (Summit Extra Pale Ale being the other). This slightly sweet, slightly bitter brew maintains its roasted malt flavors with notes of caramel, coffee and chocolate. We are switching things up slightly, as this porter will now only be available in cans. Still the same great taste but with a sleek new look, Great Northern Porter is currently available exclusively in the House Party Variety Pack. In October, look for it in it’s own packaging!

Track 4. Someday, We’ll Be Together

As fans of our Summit Dark Infusion Coffee Milk Stout know, it’s important not to give up hope that one day things will return to normal. Originally brewed as part of our Unchained Series in 2016, Dark Infusion is the only Unchained beer to ever make a comeback. It was so popular in fact, it’s been brewed three times since. In its fourth reincarnation, we’ve changed up the recipe slightly. This year, the cold-brew coffee is provided by Minneapolis’ Big Watt Beverage. Available exclusively in the House Party Variety Pack, this brew is a reminder to us all that while we may have to wait – longer than we may want to – we will be together again.

Summit House Party Variety Pack is available now. Find it at a store near you.

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