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21 Ways to Enjoy Summit Beer in 2021

Finally, 2021 has arrived! After a long and grueling 2020, we can turn the page to the New Year.

What better way to welcome in the fresh start, and say goodbye to the past, than by raising a glass of your favorite Summit beer!

Since we know many of you have been enjoying a brew or two at home since last March, we thought it may be helpful to provide some inspiration for new ways to toast the new year. So, below, check out 21 ways to enjoy Summit beer in 2021.

Summit beer in Summit pint glass
(credit: Summit Brewing Company)
  1. Start the New Year off fresh with a Summit Extra Pale Ale in the shower!
  2. Try some selfcare and enjoy bubbles in the bath and in your beer glass.
  3. Enjoy a Summit Saga IPA while watching the Tournament of Rose’s New Year’s Day special.
  4. Crack open a beer when you crack open your new book.
  5. More of a movie person? Beer is a great accompaniment to that too.
  6. Keep a Summit Keller Pils in hand while putting together new holiday toys (or playing with new holiday toys!)
  7. Cheers your favorite team with a cold Summit beer, or two.
  8. Swap a Summit beer – at a safe 6-feet distance – with your neighbor.
  9. Have a Summit Dakota Soul Craft Lager while making lunch…or dinner…or a snack.
  10. Sip a Summit beer after sledding or skating.
  11. Keep a Summit beer handy while taking down decorations or lights.
  12. Drink a Summit Slugfest Juicy IPA while making a snowman, or snow angel.
  13. Make one of your resolutions to try a Summit brand you’ve never had before.
  14. Share a selfie of yourself enjoying your Summit beer.
  15. Reward yourself with a Summit Triumphant Session IPA after shoveling the driveway, or going for a walk. We all need to celebrate our wins, big or small.
  16. Try a new spot on the couch or different chair in the TV room with your comfort Summit beer in hand.
  17. Pack the Summit Great Northern Porter along for the ice fishing trip.
  18. Enjoy a cold Summit brew around a warm bonfire.
  19. Better yet, enjoy a cold Summit beer in your warm bed!
  20. Why not have a Summit Winter Ale while trying your hand at winter grilling?
  21. Keep enjoying Summit beer as you already have been but with the added joy of the New Year.

As always, no matter how you are enjoying a Summit beer, please remember to drink responsibly!

To find your favorite Summit brew at a store near you, use our Summit Beer Finder. Prost!

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