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What’s In a Name: Patio Perfection

A new beer means a new name.

Which means, another opportunity for us to explain just how we are so creative! Or rather, a look into just how hard it is to name beers.

After breaking down the story behind such names as Summit Slugfest Juicy IPA, Summit Cabin Crusher Kölsch-Style Ale with Lime, Summit Dakota Soul Craft Lager, Summit Twenty-One IPA and Summit Frost Line Rye IPA, we’re looking at the latest Summit beer – Patio Perfection.

Summit Mixed Pack Dockside Edition with Summit Patio Perfection Can & Pour
(credit: Summit Brewing Co.)

For this new brew, the inspiration began with the season of its release – summer.

Summer is the time of year many Midwesterners look forward to most. Bright sunny days relax into sultry summer evenings. Hot, steamy afternoons bleed into warm, breezy nights.

Time is spent by on the dock or the deck gazing out at the rolling water or lawn, enjoying the few months we have when being outside is a pleasant experience.

It’s the sigh at the end of a long winter.

Few things embody the feeling of summer more than enjoying an easy-drinking ale in your favorite relaxation spot. Which, coincidentally, during summer may in fact be outside. Say, on the patio?

But, what makes this gose-style the “perfect” one to enjoy?

Well, this particular beer is brewed with 50% malted wheat and 50% malted barley giving it a slight hazy appearance, much like a hazy summer evening. It also has satiating saline notes and tart key lime flavors, evoking a sense of a tropical getaway.

And while a Minnesota summer may not quite be that, it certainly is a vacation from the cold.

So, escape to your “ahhh” place today!

Summit Patio Perfection is one of four citrus-centered brews in our latest variety pack, the Mixed Pack Dockside Edition. Out now in stores near you!

Summit Mixed Pack Dockside Edition Flight
(credit: Summit Brewing Co.)
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