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Make Summit Winter Ale Part of Your Winter Survival Kit

As Game of Thrones continually warned us, winter is coming. And, while we’d prefer to defer to the astronomical seasons (Google it), true Minnesotans know that any time after October 1 snow may strike.

Thus, true Minnesotans also know it’s important to always be prepared. Especially in the year 2020!

So, we at Summit Brewing Co. would like to help! We’ve laid out a list of must-have items in your cold-weather survival kit, which may just include our seasonal Summit Winter Ale.

The first step in preparing for winter is making sure you have a nice warm base, such as long underwear. Like the roasted malts that create the back-bone of our Winter Ale, long underwear will keep you toasty from the inside out.

Next, add in a little extra heat with hats, gloves and boots. It’s that special added layer, like our spicy hops in Winter Ale, that will ensure no warmth is lost.

Then, time to prep your car! It’s critical to make sure your vehicle is equipped with jumper cables. You never know when you may to wake up your car, much like the hints of espresso flavors in the Winter Ale may wake up your taste buds.

Also, an ice scraper is an important tool to have. Bitter cold temperatures can cause ice and frost to build up on the car. Breaking up the ice with the scraper helps the heat melt it faster, just like our caramel flavors help melt the bitterness.

Last but not least, add in a candle and matches for light. While a flashlight could do, why not add in a bit of ambiance? It’s certainly why we opted for black cherry notes over basic cherry, to provide a velvety smooth finish to our brew.

Summit Winter Ale will be available in 6-and-12-packs of 12oz bottles and 12-packs of 12oz cans. Look for it soon at a store near you.


*This is a fictional winter survival kit, and in no way is a comprehensive list or endorsed by any safety body/committee. Please refer to Minnesota Department of Public Safety for such resources and drink responsibly!

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