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Trivia Mafia Theme Night at Summit Ratskeller: Spiderman

Trivia Mafia is back with another theme night at the Ratskeller!

Each month, on the last Saturday, drinkers in the Summit Ratskeller are invited to attempt to guess the correct answers to a host of questions in hopes of winning prizes. That’s right, we host trivia! Trivia Mafia hosts the evening, determining winners and prizes.


Some people get bitten by radioactive spiders. We got bit by the Trivia Bug, which is a bit disappointing by comparison. Who wouldn’t want to be slinging webs around New York, saving their crushes, and working a cushy job at the Daily Bugle where your primary responsibility is to take selfies?

Though… after the Trivia Bug bit us, our boss did start demanding questions about Spider-Man… And while we haven’t been able to sling webs, we’ve started rereading our “Amazing Fantasy” and “Spider-Men” comics and watching everything from the Raimi trilogy to “No Way Home” at super speed… Now our Spidey-Sense is telling us you might want to play Spider-Man Trivia…

Wait a minute–was that Trivia Bug radioactive after all? Join us for the next issue of Spider-Man Trivia–dropping at select locations all throughout April–to find out!

When & Where

Date: Saturday, April 29 at 6:00pm

Time: 6 – 8 p.m.

Location: Summit Ratskeller • 910 Montreal Circle, St. Paul, MN 55102.


For more info on our March Trivia Theme night or other trivia events happening around the Twin Cities visit the Trivia Mafia Website.


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