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Trivia Mafia Theme Night at Summit Ratskeller: Parks & Rec!

Trivia Mafia is back with another theme night at the Ratskeller!

Each month, on the last Saturday, drinkers in the Summit Ratskeller are invited to attempt to guess the correct answers to a host of questions in hopes of winning prizes. That’s right, we host trivia! Trivia Mafia hosts the evening, determining winners and prizes.



Don’t worry, we did not hear you say “Give me a lot of ‘Parks and Recreation’ Trivia.” We heard you say “Give us all the ‘Parks and Recreation’ Trivia you have.” We understood, and just like Entertainment 720, we went around the world – twice – to bring it to you.

You don’t have to go to JJ’s Diner for waffles with Leslie Knope, because we’re bringing a slice of Pawnee to a location near you… unless you live in Eagleton, or a library, or anywhere that’s hosted a performance of Orin’s “Human Farm.” But if you’ve ever wanted to meet Lil’ Sebastian, drank a full Child-sized soda from Paunch Burger, or been questioned by Burt Macklin, FBI, this night is for you!


  • Trivia starts promptly on time, so make sure to get to your location a bit early, or six hours prior if you want to get in a game of The Cones of Dunshire beforehand.
  • Teams are limited to six – so, you and up to five friends. Unless you bring Jerry. He counts as negative two.
  • All of our locations use the Trivia Mafia App for running theme nights, meaning Perd Hapley recommends you bring a fully charged phone battery placed inside the phone you’ll bring.
  • The same questions will run at all locations, so don’t be disappointed when you try to double-dip and feel like you did when you married your second Tammy… again.
  • Use your noodle, not your Google. If you cheat, it’ll be jail. Right away. Straight to jail.
When & Where

Date:, Saturday February 24th at 6:00pm

Time: 6 – 8 p.m.

Location: Summit Ratskeller • 910 Montreal Circle, St. Paul, MN 55102.

For more info on our March Trivia Theme night or other trivia events happening around the Twin Cities visit the Trivia Mafia Website.

Be sure to check out our news and events page to stay up to date on everything happening at Summit Brewing Company

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