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5 Fun Facts for Triumphant Session IPA’s Second Birthday

Summit Triumphant Session IPA had it’s rookie year in 2020.

It’s hard to believe it’s already been two years. Largely because there were just a few other things going on around that time that had the world’s collective attention.

Since Triumphant perhaps didn’t get the full celebration it deserved upon its initial arrival, we’re going big for its second birthday!

To kick off the commemoration of Triumphant entering into its tremendous twos, we’re sharing five fun facts about this terrific brew!

Triumphant Session IPA 12oz Can & Pour Shot by Flowers
(credit: Summit Brewing Co.)
  1. Triumphant Session IPA is an iteration of our 2019 State Fair Exclusive Beer, Summit Mini-Sotan IPA! Both beers boasted bright tropical notes of pineapple, grapefruit and apricot. They also were both low in ABV.
  2. The package design was inspired by tube socks! The inspiration was the nostalgia of outdoor community sports, where winning isn’t everything but sure adds to the fun.
  3. Much like Sága IPA, naming Triumphant Session IPA took a little bit of time. In fact, it took just under five months to find the right moniker. The goal was to find a name that combined the sense of accomplishment our team felt at creating a low-calorie IPA, being victorious in any sort of competitive endeavor and celebrating life’s wins. We think we nailed it.
  4. With Triumphant Session IPA being labeled as a low-calorie, low-carb option we are required to include serving facts on every piece of packaging. See if you can find them!
  5. While there are several low-cal, low-carb, low ABV options when it comes to beer, IPAs are not often a style seen in this category. That is because it is very technically challenging to keep IPAs low in calories and ABV. Without giving away our secrets (and in very simple science) this is because of the amount of malts needed to balance out the hops put into IPAs. Though characteristically a hoppy style, every IPA also needs to have a strong malt back bone to balance the flavor.

Celebrate your everyday wins, and Triumphant Session IPA’s second birthday, by picking up a pack today! Find it at store near you!

Summit Triumphant Session IPA 12oz Can with Chalk
(credit: Summit Brewing Co.)
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