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‘Tie One On’ at the Summit India-Style Black Ale Release

Fly Tying and Beer Drinking Go Hand in Hand

Summit Fly Tying Event

Greetings, Beer Drinkers and Fish Chasers!

We hope you’ll join us at the Summit Beer Hall Thursday, January 12, for the first tapping of our brand-new India-Style Black Ale.

Featuring roasted wheat and roasted pearl barley, this powerful black ale contains modern U.S. hop varieties Denali and Equinox. The malt bill provides notes of espresso, dark chocolate, toffee and black cherry, while the hops lend flavors of pine, mint, pineapple, lemon-lime, grapefruit and pepper. Layered atop all that, a Yorkshire yeast strain offers balance with a distinct stone fruit profile — think apricot and peach — and a hint of minerality.

Summit India-Style Black Ale finds inspiration among the porters and stouts exported from the UK in the 19th Century — beers that were often heavily kettle-hopped and then dry-hopped in the cask.

“With IBA,” Head Brewer Damian McConn says, “we’re trying to showcase the integration of roasted malt flavors with spicy, citrus-forward hops,” says McConn. “We’re aiming toward those old UK styles, but with less of the scorched, dry, acrid notes often associated with export stouts.”

At 6.8% ABV and Boot Polish Black in color, India-Style Black Ale is available for a limited time on draught and exclusively within the Summit IPA Collection, a 12-pack of 12-oz. bottles offering up A World of Hops All in One Box. In addition to the Black Ale, the IPA collection contains Sága IPA, Horizon Red IPA and True Brit IPA.

While you’re here at the Beer Hall, chase your beer with an evening of fly tying and fly-fishing comradery courtesy of the St. Paul Fly Tiers. Bring your supplies and tie a few lures while enjoying some brewery-fresh beer. And good news: Power cords will be available for those who need lamps for their tie station.

K-Town Street Foods will also be on hand serving hot and delicious Korean food, including taco bowls, crispy chicken fingers and pot stickers.

RSVP to our Facebook Event here. Personal floatation devices not necessary.

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