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The Top 10 Ways to Mispronounce Summit Lazy Sipper

Some people don’t read very well. Beer doesn’t seem to help much.


Hello, we’re Summit Brewing Co. You might remember us from such beers as Sága IPA, Keller Pils and Extra Pale Ale.

This summer, we’ve introduced a new Blonde Ale made with all Minnesota ingredients — Summit Lazy Sipper. (Well, technically we introduced it last year at the Minnesota State Fair, but it was only available on draft and just for a little while. Now you can get it in bottles and cans just about anywhere.)

Instagram user @mdgottschalk nailed the heck outta this photo.

When we debuted the beer with all these Minnesota ingredients, including hops from Mighty Axe Farms and malt from Rahr, we wanted to make sure Lazy Sipper had a name that would acknowledge its heritage. Fortunately, St. Paul resident and homebrewer Tucker Combs provided a name that does just that — acting as an homage to Minnesota’s state flower, the Lazy Sipper. Shoot, we mean the Lady Slipper.

That reminds us. It seems like nobody can get the damn name right. Here are the Top 10 Ways to Mispronounce Summit Lazy Sipper:

  1. Lady Slipper
  2. Lady Sipper
  3. Lazy Slipper
  4. Lady Skipper
  5. Lazy Zipper
  6. Zipper Merger
  7. Lazy Sleeper
  8. The New Summer Ale
  9. Where’s the Strawberry?*
  10. Sorry, only came up with nine. Drink Summit Beer.

BONUS CONTENT: *Where’s the Strawberry?*
We get this question a lot. WE MEAN A LOT. And that means perhaps we haven’t done a great job communicating what this beer is all about. It’s a Blonde Ale, for starters, and by definition and tradition, Blonde Ales are always balanced. By design, no one ingredient, flavor or aroma should overpower the others. Second, the strawberries in this beer are meant to be part of the beer’s overall flavor profile, interacting with all those Minnesota hop, malt and yeast characteristics. They are not meant to be the only flavor you taste. You’re welcome to grab someone else’s beer if you want a big pink drink that tastes like jam, jelly, candy or milkshake. But if you want a beer that tastes like beer, maybe one with a hint of a whisper of strawberry in the finish and the aroma, well then, ask for Summit Lazy Sipper. Or Lady Slipper. Or whatever the heck you want to call it. Happy drinking, Friends.

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