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Celebrate National Selfie Day with Summit

Ah, National Selfie Day. A holiday dedicated to an art craft that barely existed just 10 years ago.

National Selfie Day is celebrated on June 21. It was first started in 2014 by DJ Rick McNeely to celebrate the personal photos. In the six years since, it has grown to be a national holiday. There are even contests people can enter their selfies in.

The selfie, or self-portrait, became a popular term and type of photograph thanks to the invention of the smartphone. It even became a word in the Oxford English Dictionary in 2013. While it was always possible with traditional and digital cameras, it’s wasn’t widely done. This could be due to anything from the difficulty of shooting angles to not wanting to waste film on getting the right shot. However, it is claimed that the first selfie was taken in October 1839 by Robert Cornelius in Philadelphia. According to CNN, Cornelius had to sit still for three to 15 minutes because light exposure then took longer. While our cameras work quite faster nowadays, it still seems on-par to have to sit for several minutes to get just the right shot.

For a brewery, we see ourselves in our beer. Our selfies and our brews. And what’s better on social media than a picture of a beautiful, frothy pint of ale?

While we may have missed the actual day, there’s no rules stating we can’t belatedly celebrate the photogenic holiday.

So, we’re continuing the celebration today! Share a selfie with your favorite Summit brew in honor of the millennial invention and for a chance to win some Summit swag.*





*Rules & Regulations for Summit Selfie Contest
Post on one of the three platforms below tagging Summit in the photo. A winner will be chosen Monday, June 29.
Twitter: RT and tag @summitbeer, Tweet and tag @summitbeer
Facebook: Share in the comments of the original post, post on your wall tagging @SummitBrewingCompany
Instagram: Post on your timeline tagging @summitbeer

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