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Summit Beer Hall Exclusives: Available Only in the Summit Beer Hall. Obviously.

Question: What’s more exciting than being the first to hear about a new, hard-to-get beer?
Answer: Drinking the beer.

Heads up! This week, Summit Brewing Company is launching a monthly series of Beer Hall Exclusives. Created and brewed on our small pilot system, each Beer Hall Exclusive will be captained by a different Summit Brewer. Additionally, Summit employees will have a hand in the brewing process, provided they don’t try dumping in an extra bucket of hops when the brewer isn’t looking. (RECIPES SHOULD BE FOLLOWED EXACTLY, FYI.)

hops in a bucket

This collaborative approach is a great way for folks from our sales and marketing teams to get friendly with our production and administrative teams. Except when we can’t agree on what to name the beer. Then things get ugly.

Our first Beer Hall Exclusive is Phazer, a Hazy IPA dreamed up by Brewer Tom Mondor and a few hophead employees. Featuring generous additions of Azacca, Motueka and whole-cone Citra hops, Phazer offers up juicy citrus and tropical flavors, moderate bitterness, and that characteristic haze all you beer geeks have been chasing from New England to Nevada. This kind of haze, and its associated flavors and mouthfeel, come from using specific wheat and yeast strains, dry-hopping, and deliberately deciding to not filter the beer.

We’ll be tapping Phazer Thursday, March 9, at 4 p.m., only at the Summit Beer Hall. Swing by for a pint or two, tell us what you think, and who knows — if you like it enough, maybe this exclusive, trial-run beer could end up in cans or bottles.

But remember! This small batch won’t last long. If you miss it for some reason, you’ll be S.O.L. until our next Beer Hall Exclusive comes around. Sorry, that’s how this works.

Phazer Hazy IPA

Beer Hall Exclusive: Phazer Hazy IPA
Tapped Thursday, March 9 at 4 p.m.
While you’re here, tie some flies with the Saint Paul Fly Tiers and grab a bite from the Xstream Cuisine food truck. More info at www.summitbrewing.com/beerhall.

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