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Summit Beer Hall Exclusive #6: SMOKED PEACH HEFEWEIZEN

Summit Smoked Peach Hefeweizen

Greetings, Summit Beer Drinkers.

Here’s the Thing
Can any of you help us with a German translation? We entered “Smoked Peach Hefeweizen” into the old Google box, and out came “Rauchte Pfirsich Hefeweizen.” Before we tag this name on our newest Beer Hall Exclusive, we want to make sure it’s correct.

Also, can you help us pronounce it?

Here’s the Deal
By now you’re familiar with our Beer Hall Exclusive program. We make a beer on the pilot system, we tap it on a Thursday, and then you come in and drink it all up before we even get to the weekend. It’s a neat deal. So, let’s do it again.

Here’s the Story
Last month, Brewer Christian Dixon took a group of Summit employees into the brew house, and together they made a pilot batch of the Smoked Peach Hefeweizen above. Containing 50 percent Kölsch malt and 50 percent smoked malt, dark wheat malt, and torrified wheat — which is a puffed, kilned and exploded wheat kernel — you can expect a refreshing Hefe with just a touch of mild smoke. (Honest, you’ll have to look for the smoke.)

More noticeable, however, is the beer’s sweet, sweet peach flavor. Grilled one morning on the Summit Beer Hall’s patio, these fresh California peaches were mashed and added at the end of the boil, allowing candied peach aromas and flavors to shine through in the finished beer. And along with the peaches, the Summit Brewing team used Hallertau hops grown in the brewer’s backyard — right down the road on St. Paul’s east side. We think that’s pretty rad.

With a sweet bubblegum body, effervescent foam, and refreshing bitterness, this Smoked Peach Hefeweizen clocks in at 5.0% ABV and 15 IBUs — a perfect remedy for the summer heat and humidity.

Here’s the Exclusive
Created and brewed on our small pilot system, each Beer Hall Exclusive is captained by a different Summit Brewer and produced by a team of Summit employees from across the brewery. This collaborative approach is a great way for folks from our sales and marketing teams to get friendly with our production and administrative teams. Or spend the day bickering about hops.

By nature, small batches like these won’t last long. If you miss one for some reason, you’ll be S.O.L. until our next Beer Hall Exclusive comes around. Sorry, that’s how this works.

Summit Beer Hall Exclusive #6: SMOKED PEACH HEFEWEIZEN
Tapped Thursday, July 27, at 4 p.m.
Food Truck: K-Town Street Foods
Suggested Food Pairings: Pair our Smoked Peach Hefeweizen with K-Town Street Foods’ spicy Kim chi fries, or allow the sweet candied peach flavors and aromas to play off K-Town’s chicken sesame seed potstickers. Your call.

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