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7 Summit Beer & Summer Grill Pairings You’ll Love

Summer is here!

For most Midwesterners that means enjoying a meal outside. Whether it’s on the patio, by the pool, up at the lake or just on a patch of green grass somewhere, the warm months are made for eating outside!

These outdoor meals also generally mean firing up the grill. So, with that in mind we’re offering up seven Summit beer and grill pairings that will help perfect your barbecue.

Summit Beer Extra Pale Ale in 12oz bottle with friends & sandwich
(credit: Summit Brewing Co.)

Summit Oatmeal Stout in bottles – Sweet Baby Back Ribs

This summer when enjoying a rack of ribs, grab an Oatmeal Stout in the bottle to go with it.

The roasted malt flavors in the beer’s body balance out the fatty pork, while the sweet chocolate and hazelnut notes elevate the sugary barbecue sauce. The beer’s slight hint of bitter coffee will keep you coming back for another bite, followed by another sip and, for good measure, another bite.

Summit Keller Pils – Chicken with Chimichurri Sauce

If you’re thinking chicken, try it with our Keller Pils!

We suggest a chimichurri sauce as this dry German lager will stand up well to the bright vinegar and nutty garlic of the dressing.  The light honey and lemon notes complement the mild white meat, while the light bitterness accentuates the dish’s sweetness.

Summit Triumphant Session IPA –Lemon Salmon

From thick sauces to fatty meats, this session IPA is a great low-cal, low-carb pairing for all dish that come off the grill. But, if you’re looking to keep the whole evening light in fare, we suggest trying it with salmon dressed with lemon.

The acidic, citrus of the lemon blends beautifully with the bitter grapefruit and sweet pineapple hop flavors, amplifying the overall tropical notes. The slight bitter finish of the beer cuts the buttery-ness of the fish, making for a lighter summer meal.

Summit Slugfest Juicy IPA – Teriyaki Marinated Tuna

We’re all about the sauces! Especially those that are full of flavor, like a syrupy teriyaki! For that we suggest enjoying it on fillet of tuna and alongside the full citrus flavor of our Summit Slugfest Juicy IPA.

The fattiness of the tuna is cut by the IPA’s smooth bitterness and clean finish,  while the thick, sweet marinade is brightened by Slugfest’s tangerine hop flavor.

Summit Dakota Soul Craft Lager – Walleye

There are few things more midwestern than a Dakota Soul and walleye!

The graham cracker and biscuit malt notes pair beautifully with the fish’s natural sweet flavor, while floral hops bring out it’s freshness. The lager’s hint of bitterness and the flaky fish make for a clean Midwestern bite.

Summit Saga IPA – Brats

We probably don’t have to tell you that a Saga IPA and brat go together, but we’ll do it anyway!

When throwing your Wisconsin brats on the grill, reach for that Saga IPA. The bold, bitterness balances out the fattiness of the sausage, while the tropical notes heighten the blend of herbs and spices in the meat.

Bonus, if you’re one for spice, a grainy mustard or specialty meat goes great with the extra grapefruit hoppiness found in this IPA.

Summit Extra Pale Ale – Cheeseburger

Some pairings are just classic – like an EPA and a perfectly grilled cheeseburger.

The bready, caramel malts balance out the savory patty and salty cheese while offering a hint of sweetness to each bite. The earthy hops cut the fattiness of the meat and dairy, while offering a refreshingly crisp finish.

Summit Beer Saga IPA in 12oz bottle by grill.
(credit: Summit Brewing Co.)

Whatever you’re throwing on the grill this summer, rest assured we’ve got the perfect beer to go with it! Prost!

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