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17 Ways to Enjoy Summit Beer on St. Patrick’s Day

Ah, St. Patrick’s Day; a favorite holiday here at Summit Brewing Co., and not just because celebrations include consuming beer.

First and foremost, our head brewer is an Irishman himself! Then, being located in St. Paul, Minn., a city with a large Irish heritage, we’ve long been at the epicenter of the Twin Cities’ celebrations – such as Luckypalooza and the St. Paul St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Normally a busy time, as with all things over the last year this St. Patrick’s Day will be looking a little different. However, just because gatherings will be limited doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy some holiday traditions – like having a Summit beer!

To help spark ideas, we put together a list of 17 ways you can enjoy St. Patrick’s Day with Summit beer. Because, you deserve better than green beer!

  1. Start the morning off right with a toast to health and a Summit Extra Pale Ale!
  2. Pinch yourself for how lucky you are to be enjoying a Summit beer!
  3. Wash that whiskey shot down with some Summit Sága IPA. The assertive hop flavor will help cut the sharpness of the whiskey.
  4. Wear your green instead of drinking your green! Grab a green hat or shirt to pair with your Summit beer.
  5. Pair your Irish Soda Bread with our crisp and refreshing Summit Dakota Soul Craft Lager. The flavors of biscuit and bready will pair nicely with the yeast-free, sweet bread.
  6. Crack open a Summit beer while cooking the rest of your Irish feast.
  7. Sharks are surely enough to chase away any lingering snakes. Grab a Summit Slugfest Juicy IPA to help.
  8. Listen to some Irish folk music, or modern Irish music, with a Summit brew in hand.
  9. Try your hand at dancing the Irish gig! A Summit Triumphant Session IPA may give you the confidence you need while not weighing you down.
  10. Taking on a virtual St. Patrick’s Day fun run? Reward yourself at the finish with a Summit brew!
  11. Celebrate with the pot of gold that is Summit Keller Pils.
  12. Tired of searching for a leprechaun? Search (and surely find) a Summit beer instead!
  13. Make your own luck by trying a Summit Twenty-One IPA instead of searching for the four-leafed clover.
  14. Count your blessings as you enjoy a delicious Summit beer.
  15. Enjoy some corned beef and cabbage alongside a Summit Great Northern Porter! The roasted malts in this dark beer compliment the smoky notes of the corned beef.
  16. If you really need some green beer, grab a green Summit kooize to place around your Summit beer. It’ll be festive and taste great!
  17. Pick up some Summit Oatmeal Stout now available in bottles and enjoy the sharper, crisper version of this beloved brew!

There will still be establishments open celebrating St. Patrick’s Day safely where you can find Summit beer poured! Or, head to your local liquor store to find any of the Summit products listed above. And remember, that while St. Patrick’s Day may look a little different this year you still deserve better than green beer! Sláinte!

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