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A Love Letter to the St. Paul Saints

Dear St. Paul Saints,

You’re so rad. Ever since you came to town in 1993, we’ve been smitten. Sure, maybe we play hard to get from time to time — like that one full-page ad way back in 1996 — but the truth is, we want you to catch us and take us home with you. Or to the dugout. Or the clubhouse. Heck, even the bullpen cart. We’d go anywhere with you.Summit Beer & the Saint Paul Saints

You’re 25 this year, which is a big deal. You can get a better rate on car rentals now, for starters. And as far as athletes go, we have no doubt you’re about to hit your peak. Your prime. Let’s hope it lasts a long, long time.

We remember that first season like it was yesterday, sharing those cold Summit beers and lukewarm hot dogs together as we burned our asses on the bleachers over at Midway Stadium. We remember the pigs. The popcorn. The bring-your-dog-to-the-park nights. And what about the Darryl Strawberry comeback a few years later? Classic. But all that was ages and ages ago. Ancient history.

You’ve come a long way since then. You’ve moved into a new neighborhood, upgraded your digs, and set yourself up to be championship contenders year in and year out. And you’re still the same fun-loving bunch of knuckleheads you were on Day One! We love that about you — all of us in St. Paul do, from Fort Road to Como. And here at Summit Brewing, we’re just tickled pink as one of your ballpigs to have been along for the ride and to be the official craft beer of the Saints.

Twenty-five is the Silver Anniversary, in case you didn’t know. It’s an important milestone, and we wanted to get you something nice to celebrate the occasion. Something that’ll remind you of your friends wherever you go, from CHS Field all the way to Gary, Indiana, or Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Something silver in color. With beer inside.

So, load up those coolers with some cold EPAs and Keller Pils, set ‘em up in the clubhouse, and go reel off a winning streak. We’ll be right here waiting for you post-game. Or during the 7th inning. Whatever you need, really.

You all make St. Paul proud. Thanks for all the memories, and here’s to a few more.

All the best from your not-so-secret admirers at Summit Brewing.

Summit Beer gifting Summit Coolers to the Saint Paul Saints for their 25th anniversary

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