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Fun Things To Do On A Sunday

Look at this pretty Hefe from Instagram user @krallas.


There’s nothing worse than a wasted weekend, especially during these precious summer months in Grain Country when it’s possible to spend time outside without suffering frostbite. With that in mind, we’ve assembled a list of ways to while away your waking hours this weekend:

  • Visit and take a tour at the Summit Ratskeller
  • Meet friends and/or family at the Summit Ratskeller
  • Drink some beer and play board games at the Summit Ratskeller
  • Ride your bike to the Summit Ratskeller
  • Take your dog to the Summit Ratskeller’s pet-friendly patio
  • You don’t have to do all of these things in one day. Sundays are supposed to be relaxing, after all. But if you choose to visit the Summit Ratskeller, keep in mind:

We’re open Sundays now!
Every Sunday from 12–6, we’ll be pouring beers and drinking beers right alongside you. We’ll also be leading brewery tours every Sunday at 1 and 3 p.m., just in case you have a more-than-casual interest in what goes into making good craft beer.

And what might you see while drinking beers at the Summit Ratskeller?
Glad you asked. We just completed a pretty righteous renovation. Here are a few of the major changes:

There’s a new doorway and vestibule! Built from beautiful white oak and featuring a rounded roof to match the brewery’s existing half-barrel-inspired art-deco design, this doorway transports you from our large, free parking lot right into our Ratskeller — where the first thing you’ll see is the bar.

Unlike the doorway, our 130-year-old bar, which sits front-and-center in the new Ratskeller, is made from red oak, not white. Red oak, it turns out, is best suited for interiors rather than exteriors, and it features wider, loopier grains. Very ‘grammable. Now, this bar comes with a whole long history, which you can peruse here at your leisure. But if you’re short on time, just take a look at our Founder and President Mark Stutrud standing beside it with a beer. Gorgeous!

Previously tucked into a tight corner at the rear of the Ratskeller — and at our original University Avenue location before that — we’ve moved the bar out to a more visible and accessible spot in the room, and we’ve expanded it by adding four more tap lines and a new side rail. Topping all that off, literally, is a bar top made of reclaimed wood from Minneapolis’ Wood From the Hood.

But wait! There’s more! Above the bar, we’ve added a matching red oak canopy, featuring warm lighting, etched Summit logos in the wood, and a tasteful display of all the beverages available at the bar — 18 beers, one water line, and one 1919 root beer line for all you soda freaks.

Please visit the new Ratskeller to see the changes for yourself — and to drink some dang beer — and stay tuned to the blog in the coming weeks for a few more stories about the other additions and upgrades we’ve made around here. It’ll be fun.




A Few More Fun Things You Can Do On a Sunday

  • Drink a Summit beer in the back yard
  • Drink a Summit beer at the park (surreptitiously)
  • Drink a Summit beer at the ballpark (out in the open)
  • Drink a Summit beer at your neighborhood bar and grill
  • Drink a Summit beer at the bowling alley
  • Drink a Summit beer in your hammock
  • Drink a Summit beer in a boat (as long as you’re not the Skipper)
  • Fire up the grill to cook some brats while drinking a Summit beer
  • Find some live music and go drink a Summit beer while listening to it
  • Anything but yard work, for Pete’s sake
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